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Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

How to use 100% of your brain

New Scientific discoveries about the Brain and what this means for brain functioning

Dr Bruce Lipton says the belief that we only use 10% of our brain is a myth. When science discovered that 10% of our brain is neurons, they relegated the other 90% of glial cells to passive support cells. But new scientific research shows that glial cells are much more important than first thought and that this major component of our brain has been misunderstood.

So, now that we officially have access to 100% of our brains at all times, how do we actually use all of it?

We can become whole brained when we start to think holistically instead of replaying recurrent and habitual patterns that activate the same pathways. When we synchronise both hemispheres we create something Bruce Lipton calls “Super Learning.” This hemi-sync leads to us using 100% of our brain and creates harmony and peace in our body mind.

Get to know your brain and discover new ways to engage and activate your whole brain.

Bron: upliftconnect.com

Bij interesse vertaal ik de blog met plezier in het nederlands, of zelfs in het frans, je laat het me maar weten in de reacties. 
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This is very interesting stuff.
11-02-2017 21:44
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Yes! ;)
11-02-2017 21:48
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