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~ ET-101 manual ~

~ ET-101 manual ~

The Intergalactic manual you forgot


We have noticed that you pretend to value truth on this planet. Some spend a lifetime seeking it. Your legal systems demand it, and you can be sued if your business doesn’t practice it. Your philosophers define it, your scientists measure it, your religions exalt it, and you all fight over it. Meanwhile, all you are doing is paying global lip service to it. There is an excellent reason for all this: You have no idea what truth really is.
How the obvious has escaped you is a tedious story.

The abridged version of it amounts to this:
You embraced fear. After that unholy act, it has been downhill ever since. Fear is the first lie, the lie that tells you that you are separated from the whole. Once it has been embraced, you are incapable of ever telling the truth under any circumstances without blowing the game.
Truth, by its nature, is the light. Fear cannot, by its nature, be in the light without dying. It becomes a simple matter of self interest. Fear has owned this planet, its people, and their systems for a long time. It does not wish to give up the property it has acquired because it is a parasitic life form that cannot live separated from your life forces.
The truth is, you are the truth. It is not external to you, as you have been led to believe. For that reason, it is ludicrous to set out on a spiritual journey in search of it. It is likewise ridiculous to punish those who do not practice it when almost nobody on this planet does. As for philosophizing over it, how can you when you wouldn’t recognize it if it ran you over in the street? Meanwhile, measuring it is done in your attempt to dominate it, leading you further into the lie that it lives outside of you like an enemy that must be controlled. To exalt it is also to see it as separate. And fighting over it is so absurd as to not deserve our comment at all.
The totality of your clinically insane behavior surrounding truth has been cleverly manipulated by fear in its at tempt to keep Your eyes off the truth. In this manner, fear was able to continue uninterrupted and undetected in its process of eating you alive.

Hans van Gemert
Is dit jouw eigen tekst?
07-03-2017 10:17
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Dag Hans, neen, uittreksel uit het boek: ~ ET-101 manual ~ The Intergalactic manual you forgot te vinden op het internet, ik draag het al 15jaar op zak in het nederlands, een van de enige channelings waar ik volledig achter sta. Het blijft jammergenoeg wel underground new age spiritual info, ik hou niet zo van de val der spiritualiteit, en ondersteun daardoor ook geen channelings, maar deze wel als uitzondering op m'n algemene regel :) Groetjes, Chuen
07-03-2017 11:25
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had niet verwacht dat er veel respons op ging komen, lol, http://boards.cannabis.com/threads/et-101-manual-the-intergalatic-one-you-forgot.164662/
07-03-2017 11:27
07-03-2017 11:27 • Reageer
Maar kijk, om het in een iet of wat positiever daglicht te stellen, ik ben ontzettend blij dat er toch enige respons op mijn blogposts komt stilletjesaan... :)
07-03-2017 12:26
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Marc Capriccio
Waarheid zit tussen je twee oren, al het andere is ontdekking!
07-03-2017 01:08
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Hehe ;)
07-03-2017 12:30
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