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~Irina Karkabi~

~Irina Karkabi~

I'd like to share with you all this amazing Oekranian Artist I came to discover, by accident actually, 
Irina Karabi 

Biography: Irina was born in 1960  in Ukraine. Her artistic talent was nourished from an early age, and soon after graduating in 1982 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg-Russia, she moved to the bay city of Haifa in the north of Israel .

There, at the Mediterranean crossroads of cultural ideas and influences, she founded her studio. Irina works exclusively in oil on canvas.

She has exhibited internationally,  in New York and Los Angeles. Her work is in private collections in Israel, USA and Europe. In her earlier career Irina illustrated numerous children books.

Today she works mainly on commissioned portraits, landscapes, still-life and figurative art.

Source:  http://irinakarkabi.com/

With care, TantraCutie

Read & see more of her beautiful artwork & more here:
* artodyssey1.blogspot.be/2009/08/irina-vitalievna-karkabi
* irina-vitalievna-karkabi-1960-ukrainia

Ziet er allemaal heel mooi uit!
16-04-2017 12:52
16-04-2017 12:52 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Kunstenares uit Oekraïne, zeer Klimt geinspireerd, prachtig werk en very divine feminin!
16-04-2017 13:06
16-04-2017 13:06 • Reageer