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~ Love, honour & respect by and for women ~

~ Love, honour & respect by and for women ~

“In a global society based on the hatred of women, and dying of that hatred, the most redemptive act possible is to love women. The universe is therefore challenging us – all of us – either to learn to love women or to die. It is challenging us to love ourselves as women, to deeply honor and respect ourselves and all other women, to listen to and trust – and be trustworthy to – and to take women and our culture very, very seriously. If we do not do this, nothing else we do matters. If we do not do this this, all is lost.

The universe is challenging men to love that which is womanly in themselves and in all things, and to honor and respect women everywhere all the time.”


-Sonia Johnson - Going Out of our Minds

Painting by Monica Stewart

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Prachtig en zouden alle mannen zeker moeten doen!
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