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31-10-2018 17:49
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~ Magic ~

~ Magic ~

Magic isn’t harmful, evil, or frightening, nor is it glamorous or fanciful. Magic is merely the tiny acorn turning into the giant oak, it’s the sun coming up and turning darkness to light, it’s when you will yourself to something and it happens. Magic is birth, magic is death, magic revolves around balance, and everyday is magical. Be glad and experiment with it, feel the power that The creator has placed into you as he has also put into nature. The deepest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely of places. Learn about the crystals, the elements, the earth, the universe, but more importantly, learn the magic in you. Your thoughts and intentions are powerful, as are your words and actions, equally significant whether in public or in secret. See that signs and symbols hold authority, that colors and numbers reveal universal truth and knowledge; If you don’t believe in magic then surely you’ll never find it. Nature is magic and you are nature. Love it, feel it, embrace it; and most of all, never fear magic.

~ Miguel Silva

Thanks for your answer Dewaputra 
24-10-2018 11:58
24-10-2018 11:58 • Reageer
Magic is the thrill you experience in any interaction with the world around you :+1:
24-10-2018 11:50
24-10-2018 11:50 • Reageer
Thought so too! Worth sharing 😊
23-10-2018 20:56
23-10-2018 20:56 • Reageer
heel mooie tekst 
23-10-2018 00:24
23-10-2018 00:24 • Reageer