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~Transcendence ~

~Transcendence ~

The whole of existence culminates in transcendence, which is the goal of all Yogas. Transcendence means to go beyond, to extend beyond phenomenal limitations and the conditioning of dualities. Transcendence is the real goal of evolution and the ultimate destiny of all physical existence. The creative and preserving functions of Brahma and Vishnu are purely phenomenal and dualistic forces unless balanced by the Shiva-function of transcendence.The creative force of Brahma brings all beings into existence, and the preserving force of Vishnu guards their lives. The transcendental force of Shiva is like a doorway leading beyond worldliness; it extends from the mundane to the metaphysical and awakens an understanding of the real nature of existence. On the highest level, transcendence is a total participation in reality beyond both worldliness and death.