Circus elephant crafting of cardboard and clothespins

Since September 2015 elephants and other wildlife are no longer allowed to work in the circus. But cardboard elephants can of course!

Craft this elephant, give it nice colors (e.g. with felt-tip pen) and beautiful glitters and play your own circus. Turn 1 clothespin into a doll, which can ride on your elephant. Because of the 4 clothespins at the bottom, the elephant can even stand!

On the dotted line, make a cut (with a hobby knife, look out!) and cut an oval, slightly smaller than the length of that cut. If you have thick cardboard, make the cut a little further so that the thickness of the cardboard fits through it. Also color the ears and insert the oval through the cut. Now your elephant also has beautiful elephant ears!

I also drew 4 circus elephants, to color, cut out or to paste with pieces of paper, glitter or other materials. Elephants who do tricks want to be your work of art.

And a few more ideas on how to make circus elephants:

This is a Hama base plate, which you can buy at the hobby shop or order at Hama Beads

Place the ironing beads on the bottom plate. Then put the ironing paper (or baking paper) on top and iron the whole. That's how the beads melt together. When it cools down, remove the elephant from the bottom plate.

With the Elephant base plate from Hama you can make the most beautiful elephants with Hama ironing beads! Take a look at some nice examples: Jennifers Little World

D his beautiful pink elephant is also made by

Beaded board Miss Anke

Here is something super fun!! Print the free pattern (1 page) of this balancing elephant and cut and paste it yourself. Cute! Free download at: Learn Create Love

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