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FN What does fn rely on to make money? ! Let's refer to the profit model of Facebook: Facebook is the most widely distributed social network in the world today. There are many types of profit models: Advertising expenses. Facebook puts ads on everyone's Facebook page, collects advertising from advertisers, and injects similar ads, such as general companies, that are very expensive and are now the main source of profit. The third party application is divided into. Facebook is the world's first internet enterprise open only open platform, and has a large number of users, so there are many third-party developers to develop various applications for it. For paid applications, the income of course needs to be shared with Facebook. At present, the income of this part is not large, but the future imagination space is considerable. The game is broken down. Games can also be counted as a third-party application, but separately listed here, because the game is a very special third-party application, is the current consumer of the largest application type. Users playing games on Facebook, buying props must use Facebook's virtual currency credits, game revenue with third-party game developers, about Panax pseudoginseng var. notoginseng, Facebook Take. At present, probably mainly are the above two profit models, then there is a very broad imagination space, for example: Enterprise mall. Now, many businesses open Facebook accounts, and then it is possible to form a Facebook mall, similar to Tmall, users can buy goods directly within the Facebook niche, and Facebook can earn commissions, management fees, and so on. Accurate advertisement matching. This is the upgrade of existing ads. Facebook has more than 900 million users of various data, interest, occupation, home address, and so on, these are very relevant to personal consumption trends. Once Facebook has developed a precise advertising matching algorithm, it can be targeted to push personalized advertising services to everyone's pages. The rise of advertising, of course, can improve the price of advertising, will also have more advertisers willing to put ads. Facebook's case again illustrates that having a mass of users doesn't have to worry about profit models. You can look at the last sentence focus on " mass users, don't worry about profit model" ha ha! Because FB is free, people never explore why Facebook makes money, only that Facebook is making money Fn not only knows why Facebook is making money, but also how to capture the users' loyalty and loyalty, because fn enables people not only to communicate but also to make money Summary of a sentence Fn is like FB How does FB become a profitable company Fn can become a profitable company. Because the use of FB company to make money you earn less than half, in fn is to share the economy people make money together, and advertising accounted for the majority Now even the advertisements of domestic telecom companies can be seen on the fn login page This platform benefits spread very quickly on behalf of the platform Fn register for free,
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