Cleaning helps “de-stress”

Of #schoonmaken you learn #perfectionisme overcome. If you clean with a broom, and you see after cleaning that a leaf falls, what then? You have to learn to accept that, I do that every day.”

According to Monk Matsumoto, meditation and cleaning keep you in control of the workload. “Learning #imperfectie to embrace.”

Is perfectionism the problem? “I think so,” he says. “Why do Japanese work so hard? When you always try to do everything perfectly, it takes an enormous effort and an increasing amount of energy to finally get a satisfied feeling.”

He gives an example: “You can see it in the shops here in Japan. People who laugh politely, always that polite laugh. I think perfectionism is a major cause of stress. We try to teach people to embrace imperfection.”

“From cleaning you learn to overcome perfectionism.

“From time to time, shut yourself off from all the technology around you”