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Updated on 17 July 2021

Following my first official post on behalf of Clinkable, I want to thank all the Yoorsies who expressed their support for the project in the form of hearts, shares, comments and questions about how it will work.

In this second post, I will try to give you an overview of the main points concerning Clinkable’s operation, to the extent that I can anticipate it at the moment. Do expect this post to be updated in the future, and do not hesitate to ask anything the answer for which you do not find below.

What is Clinkable?

Clinkable is a quarterly online magazine for writers and visual artists. Our mission is to provide a welcoming home and playground for creatives, bringing you beautiful and lovingly created content in a variety of formats, including text, image, audio and video.

What kind of artists and artwork will Clinkable feature?

Clinkable is focused on two main forms of creative expression: writing and the visual arts. With regard to writing, we seek to cover a variety of themes, formats and styles, whether that’s prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, classical or contemporary. As for the visual arts, our scope will also be broad, covering painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film-making, design and any other forms of artistic expression that engage the audience primarily through eyesight.

What kind of content will readers find in Clinkable?

Hopefully, the kind they can’t wait to read! :) To be a bit more specific, the plan is to bring you original artwork, behind-the-scenes, interviews, tips and guides, news about new projects and events around the world and any other type of content that seems relevant at any given time.

How and where can I read Clinkable?

The regular issues of Clinkable will come out in January, April, July and October. Every one of these issues will be published in Clinkable’s profile on Yoors, as a long post with multiple section. They will be completely free to read. Other than the regular issues, there might be, on occasion, special extra content or initiatives created as a pay-per-post. There are no definitive plans on this yet, just a general idea, which will have to be considered further.

Who is Clinkable's intended audience?

Anyone! If you’re interested in the arts and letters, we would love to have you as a reader and receive your comments and feedback. Do note that while Clinkable’s home is Yoors, our goal is to reach readers everywhere. So, your shares both inside and outside the platform will be much appreciated, as they will help Clinkable reach a wider audience.

Can I follow Clinkable on other social media?

You can! Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by clicking on the buttons below.

How can I contribute a piece to Clinkable?

Contributors will be selected by me, @Adriana (as Clinkable’s editor), for individual each issue. At least for now, this will mostly be done on the basis of direct invitations that I will send out to people both from inside and outside Yoors. However, if you are a writer or artist with an amazing idea for a piece of content that you feel should be included in an upcoming issue, you can send a private message to Clinkable’s profile on Yoors briefly explaining that idea and why you think it would be of interest to the readers of the magazine. I can’t promise your idea will be included, but I promise to always respond, as time permits.

What are the rights of contributors to Clinkable?

All contributors will always be explicitly and fully credited for their work, wherever it is used. To that effect, they will be invited to provide a name, photo, bio and website/social media they wish to have included next to their content on the issue in which it is published.

Contributors who have a profile on Yoors or wish to create one will also receive from Clinkable a personal Yoors booster of 1000 points as a token of appreciation for their contribution. Please note that Clinkable is not responsible for any matters regarding the collection and use of this booster, which will be governed by the general rules of Yoors and any other rules that might apply (for example, regarding tax obligations applicable in your country). Any questions regarding these matters should be addressed directly to Yoors via the appropriate channels to contact its team.

In addition to the above, contributors keep the right to re-post elsewhere (for example, their own website) any content they publish on Clinkable, as long as they include a reference to the fact that it was originally published on Clinkable and provide a direct link to the issue where it appeared. However, contributors are requested not to publish on Yoors any content that was previously published on Clinkable, nor submit for publication on Clinkable any content that was previously published on Yoors.

Are there any guidelines regarding the content to be submitted for publication?

All the content submitted to Clinkable for publication must be the contributor’s own creation and the contributor must retain the right to consent to such publication (i.e., no content that is covered by exclusive rights of other people or publications). As stated above, contributors are also asked not to submit for publication on Clinkable any content that was previously published on Yoors. Further guidelines (for example, minimum and maximum text length) will be provided to contributors individually.

What can Clinkable do with my content?

Any writers/artists who agree to contribute to an issue of Clinkable shall agree to grant Clinkable and its editor @Adriana permission to:

  • Publish the content they provide in the agreed issue of Clinkable and use excerpts from such content on Clinkable’s social media and communication channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter, etc);
  • Receive and keep any points/rewards obtained via the Yoors platform with the issue of Clinkable on which that piece of content was published.

What will Clinkable do with the points/rewards it receives from its issues and posts?

Invest it right back into the Clinkable project, so that it can continue to grow and serve the arts and letters community!

I love the project! How can I support it?

That's amazing to hear, and you rock! :) Every single one of Clinkable's readers is someone we don't take for granted and any and all forms of interaction with the magazine are greatly appreciated. Hearts and comments are very welcome, and you will always get a response. If you wish to go a bit further in helping Clinkable achieve its mission, you can also consider sharing its content both inside and outside Yoors and make use of other Yoors features, such as boosters, to help it along.