Coco can do it! Bookcraft Tip

In the week of the National Reading Daysis read from the book of Coco this year it is possible! This wonderful book was written by Loes Riphagen. (publishing house Gottmer)

The story is about a young bird flying out. . but Coco still finds that very scary. The story is about courage, perseverance and believing that you can do something yourself! Immediately another piece of recognition for children who sometimes experience this!

In this blog you can see Coco sitting very high in the tree. . Could he get out of there to fly? It is a nice craft to make with the children and then it is of course a nice question whether the bird can fly from that height!

Ineke van der Linde, guest parent tells you how to make this, do you read along?

What do you need?

- Eggbox, bami nests, creall acrylics paint, wiggle eyes, scissors, cuddle glue, cardboard, beer mat, alder plugs, grey and green craft cardboard, fineliner

How do you make it?

1. Take a kitchen roll. Paint this brown.

2. Take a beer mat or other solid piece of cardboard. Paint this dark green.

3. Draw the branches onto a brown piece of cardboard and cut it out.

4. Draw the leaves on a piece of green paper. Cut this out and paste

this on the branches.

5. Stick the branches to the kitchen roll. Fold the thick end slightly

and stick the folded piece with glue to the kitchen roll. Now your

tree ready.

6. Stick the tree on the beer mat or other piece of solid cardboard.

7. Take an egg box. Cut 1 full point. Paint this point

blacked. This will be Coco. Or a raven. Or in a different color a whole

Another cheerful spring bird.

8. On yellow cardboard, draw a beak. Cut this out. Fold this on the

folding line to. Put glue on the outside of the fold line and stick it on the

black point.

9. On gray cardboard, draw the wings. Draw here with a black pen or

fineliner the springs on. Cut this out and paste it on the black tip.

If you don't have a grey cardboard, you can always have a solid piece

Cardboard gray paints or gray colors with a pencil or marker.

10. Draw the eyelets on white paper and draw the pupils in. Cut this out

and paste it on the black tip. You can also use wobbly eyelets.

11. Draw the paws on black cardboard and cut it out. Paste this on the

point. If you don't have a black cardboard, you can also put the legs on

drawing and coloring cardboard with black pencil or black marker. Now

Coco ready.

12. Take a baminestje/ant. Paint this green and paste it on top

the kitchen roll. Now your tree with nest is ready.

13. Put or glue Coco on the nest.

14. You can put some alder props on the beer mat. These are the

pine cones that also appear in the story of Coco.




Nice book tips with birds!

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