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Jameson Brown James They roast their coffee beans in-house, and as soon as you enter, you see a roaster. While you are there, you can even get a pound of James Brown Coffee Roasters freshly roasted coffee to take home.

Blue Bottle Coffee also has a few amazing baked goods that you can also order along with your lattes. With good reason, this Playhouse District spot serves up amazing coffee drinks, baked goods, and brunch. While it is an excellent spot for breakfast and brunch, we like going to Urth for its coffee drinks and desserts.

Little Flower serves up stout, tasty coffee, baked goods, and delicious breakfast and lunch items. Their cute coffee shop invites you to sit down and enjoy their coffee, special drinks, and pastries. Dots Cafes menu, dessert bar, and coffee makes this one of Pasadenas best coffee shops.

Located at The Commons on Lake Ave, Philz Coffee serves amazing coffee along with an easy-to-eat menu full of delicious items. What I like about Philz Coffee is that each cup is freshly brewed on each order.

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Fredericksburg (built in 1777) that was most recently an apartment, Agora Downtown Coffee Shop is described by customers as feeling like home to friends who are serving you coffee as well as tasty, home-made treats. Owned by sisters MJ Stone and Andi Stone Chitty, MJ Stone and Andi Stone Chitty, Agora Downtown Coffee Shop is a coffee shop, used bookstore, gift shop, and an enormous labor of love.

Recognized over the years as Dallas Best of the Best coffee shops, Murray Street Coffee Shop is an independently owned cafe dedicated to serving extraordinarily great drinks and food. The locally-focused, buzzy destination is focused on community, and provides everyone that walks in the doors with the kind of coffee experience that puts a smile on everyones face. Just a short hop away from Rockford is Midtown, where Kathys Cup is a neighborhood coffee shop where friends meet up and community meetings happen.

American coffee culture is cafe culture, and visiting your neighborhoods coffee shop is an increasingly beloved part of our days. At the end of the day, we think we can all agree we are looking for an amazing cafe or coffee shop that serves great coffee and great food. Sipping coffee in all of the various locations popping up is a part of exploring Pasadena, and one that we really enjoy taking seriously. We are not just a place where you drop by and grab a cup of morning coffee (although you are more than welcome to do so), we are a place where you can sit back and enjoy that custom-made cup of joe.

Start your day off right by sipping small-batch, locally-roasted coffee the way a local would, at Caliche Coffee Bar & Roastery in the West End. Try Black Fox Coffee Co.s All Day Blend (with notes of honey, toffee, and red apples) or a sesame chai latte made with Oatly and Dona chai concentrates in this swanky Financial District coffee shop, or one of its other locations: on West 33rd Street (at Pendry Hotel), on East 45th Street, or at Wall Street (reopening soon). When you step inside the original location of this San Francisco coffee shop, you are greeted with tons of natural light, clean lines, and an ultra-fancy, retro-designed Kees van der Westen espresso machine. The original Coffee Manufactory location opened back in 2000 in Ithaca, NY.

Coffee Manufactory got its start in 2016 by roasting two blends for Tartine Bakery, but has expanded since then, opening shops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seoul, Korea. Our coffee comes from Solstice Roaster -- a Cleveland-based roaster that is been operating since 1993. What started out in 1999 as just one cafe in Portland has since grown into a mini-coffee empire, but that does not make the Stumptown Coffee Roasters beautifully round--almost creamy--Bender Hair Blend, or its bottle-conditioned cold brew, less tasty. At their open-air roastery in Oakland, they welcome you to ask any of your brewing questions and watch coffee being roasted.

This Michigan-based coffee shop takes their coffee seriously: They sample around 3000 different coffees each year in order to come up with the best varieties to offer to customers, and they have been doing it since 2008. In Columbus, coffee roasting is a science like winemaking, and it has the best coffee scene in the Midwest. No matter where you are--a major city like Singapore, or a seasonal destination like Aspen--make sure you are checking out local coffee shops offering something beyond a java drink. No matter where you are -- a big city like Singapore or a seasonal locale such as Aspen -- be sure to check out the locally-owned coffee shops that offer more than just a caffeinated beverage. The lack of story has become a bit of a running joke, exemplified by one users post on Tumblr asking, But who is really, who is the first to pick up two characters from the fandom and say, Yeah, that is it, right, but get this; what if one is the coffee shop owner, thereby underscoring a seemingly unfathomable urge to remove characters from their normally vibrant, action-packed environments and substitute them for what is supposed to be an uninteresting (radio-silent, original-emphasis.

Like many practices, jokes, and memes that originated online, the creators and perpetuators of the Coffee Shop AU were likely unaware that it was becoming a convention worth tracking until much of the original material had already been lost. Writing in The Daily Dot, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw suggests that The Coffee Shop AU is probably a fan-created genre, and thus, coffee-drinking, or even the coffee shops, presence in other forms of popular media might not be that related to The Coffee Shop AU as a genre. Formerly The Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop (best known for its 101 Coffee Shop character in the film Swingers, and more recently in the popular television series Entourage), Warner Ebbink spent months renovating the space, then opened the doors once more in 2001.

Coffee Shop