Collection of poems 'Day, past! ' published!

Dear followers, friends and acquaintances

My new collection of poems“Bye, past!”has been published! After many hours of toil behind my laptop in the here and now but certainly also in the past, it is now finally done! You can imagine I'm very proud of it!

I've published my book through and there it is also for sale. It is for sale via the following link: Bye, past!

What do you find in the bundle?
I wrote many poems between 2005 and 2014. Writing is an outlet for me, for example when life is disappointing or to empty the head. As a teacher Dutch as a Second Language I am working on the Dutch language daily, but also in other languages such as English and Spanish I know how to express myself well. In the bundle 'Day, past! ' I take you into what I've been able to put on paper since I was 12 years of life. The collection contains 25 of the best poems from the period of my high school and my student days. Of course, I have selected the best poems for this.

Another thing about myself:I was born in 1993 in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, and moved a lot in my youth. I wrote stories on my father's computer when I was a kid of six years old. I am now among others teacher Dutch as a Second Language (NT2). At the time of writing I teach international students and employees of the University of Groningen.

Hopefully, I've been able to instill your interest in my book.