Yesterday evening I went to the dutch version of the musical Come from away.
This musical is based on the true story of how a sleepy Canedian town of 7000 people suddely had to give shelter to over 7000 strange people who got stucked there because the USA had closed their airspace on sept 11th 2001. For those who remember that day (and will probably never forget it), the USA was under attact and the world was in chaos.

I loved this musical because it tells us the events from an whole different point of vue. A society that comes together to help stranded en fightened passengers who stil do not have a clue of what really happend. The fear of the passengers, the willingness from the town people to help, the unfairness of how they treated anyone who looked slightly Arabien ... out of fear.
What strucked me most in this story is the simular reaction of people in general in this abolute crisis situation, even if they seem very different at the first glimp of apperance.

Although I am not a very Catholic person ( I do believe, but in my own simple way), one song touched me right into my heart. It is the song called 'Prayer'. It showed me that in these kind of moments, everybody (even the non-believers) pray. They all pray, in their own languages and to their own God.
It made me aware, ones again, that at the end of the day there is truely so much more that unites us, than the things that can possible divide us.
We are all human, we all get scared, we all grief, we all cry ... and at the end of the day we all pray.

So if you like musicals or just a good, heartwarming and true story ... I strongly recommend this musical.

De verhalenheks,

Source of the picture: Pinterst
Source of the music: Youtube (I hope the link works).

Come from away

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