Come, Holy Spirit {prayer} (33)

...worship loudly in tongues...

Prayer for baptism in the Holy Spirit

Follow-up story Kalle and Pietje, part 33

Like most other participants, Kalle and Pietje are ready for it.They would like to pray for themselves.They want more from God in their lives. More love, more power , as a revival song says.

There is prayers for them together, and the miracle is done.God descends upon them with His Holy Spirit, and they happily make Him fearless in tongue-language worship.That's a whole sense for the whole group.


Yes, the Light of God, the Spirit of God shines like a bright fire in their midst.Gerrit, the team member who prayed for them, emphasizes that this breakthrough will be long, if not life, if they both continue to dedicate their lives entirely to God.That message from above, that wonderful promise of God, he may pass on to them.

With the keyword interwoven in this story womanizer also fits this part into the 140 words challenge of this month conducted by @Dewaputra .

In addition, the Alpha course an important source of inspiration for this phase of the story about Kalle and Pietje.


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