Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard is a valid course for marketers that are hoping to get money onthe ClickBank affiliate marketing platform.

Commission Hero is a systematic training course for making online. Its main priority is ClickBank affiliate marketing and Facebook advertisement.

How Does a Commission Hero Work?

1.    Commission hero is a ten-module course on ClickBank affiliate marketing that helps in the following areas.
•    Product finding
•    Creation of sale pages
•    Running of Facebookk advertisements.
•    How to earn commissions.

2.     Commission hero works preferably through four stages.
a.    The first stage is to select the right product or offer.

b.    Choose the right website which is used as a sales funnel.

c.    Make hot internet traffic. This helps to generate Leads and prospects from the website, and Facebook ads are the focus here.

d.    Lastly, rinse and repeat the procedure to ensure maximum success.

The following is the brief rundown of the commission hero course, module by module.

1.    The introduction: getting started with affiliate marketing.
2.    Selecting the right product.
3.    Looking for your ads image.
4.    Creating a landing page.
5.    Getting a Facebook account created.
6.    Getting Facebook pixels installed.
7.    Searching for your campaign.
8.    Tracking your campaign
9.    Modules 9 is made up of scaling
10.     Ninja Tactics

What Are The Benefits Of Commission HeroCourse.

Robby Blanchard on this course shared his personal experience how he grew and earned his reputation. The secret includes
•    Choosing the best and outstanding paying product and making maximum money feasible.
•    To maximize your Facebook account by running ads on the product.
•    The last but not the least secret is using Robby's 3  steps to compel prospects to buy your product.

Who Is the Commission Hero Meant For?

•    Commission hero is for everyone who is ready to learn affiliate marketing from even the beginning.
•    It is also for those who are ready to invest large sums of money into online marketing.
•    It is for people who take action and also work hard, it is not for lazy people.

How To Get Started With a Commission Hero.
To get started with commission hero,
•    You can visit the website to get started and also subscribe to the course.
•    Once the course is subscribed to on the website, it will redirect you to the check page where payment details will be entered.

It is important to note that there may be a waiting list in which case you have to hold on till the platform will be reopened by Robby Blanchard. When this case is encouraged, there is nothing to worry about.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Commission Hero Review.


1.    Commission hero review is an affiliate marketing model that works.
2.    Its sales page is clear from red flags.
3.    Robby Blanchard's commission hero affiliate course on ClickBank is a real deal.
4.    There are a lot of real students testimonials of people who have gone through his course.
5.    Robby Blanchard made affiliate marketing simple by providing a simple procedure for training.
6.    Robby Blanchard method of straightforward even new beginners.
7.    There are bonuses and DYF features also included

The following are some of the disadvantages of the course.
•    Affiliate marketing is present to be so simple but it is not as easy as it is portrayed.
•    Commission hero course concentrates on ClickBank affiliate marketing only.
•    Most ClickBank products are not created with the users in mind.
•    The product is overpriced.

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