Conditions And Rules Of Animal Food Bank Poezewoef

Our @dierenvoedselbank is committed to being the owner with a dog or cat who has fallen into financial difficulties, which is more and more common in this time.

Weekly owners can contact us for a package of dry chunks, wet food and sweets if in stock.

If animal material is broken, you can always request this and then we will look to replace it free of charge.

Owners who are members of the association are eligible for the CASTER project. This is a contribution by our side of 50% in sterilization/castration and the annual research.

The head office is located in Wilrijk and then there is a pick-up point in Sinaai and Hoevenen (there are the same rules as in Wilrijk)



You are eligible if you are helped by the CPAS, CAW, debt mediation, official food bank, if you have a small pension or have a temporary recovery due to hospital costs.

You make an appointment and bring a proof of the service where you are helped (no income that is a violation of privacy and may no longer).

You will also bring the booklet of your pet (s). Without a booklet, we can do little.

We are happy to help you and your pet but it is not allowed to ask for help for a new pet. We have the rule if you are struggling financially, wait until this is resolved before you have a new pet.

Everyone is welcome regardless of origin provided that the rules are respected.

From January onwards, a membership fee of 1 euro per month (12.- per year) will be charged. The owners and their animals will be provided with a surprise at the end of the year depending on where you go.




Keep distance

Mandatory Mouth Mask

At the time assigned to you, come and collect your food so that the distribution can proceed safely.

No gossip or bad talk.

Respect for our volunteers: this means bring your pots clean washed back. Keep to the agreements that have been made, be polite and informed if you cannot come. Our volunteers have the right to stop the cooperation if you do not comply with the rules. RESPECT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING, BUT IT HAS TO COME FROM TWO SIDES.

Your animals are always welcome.

Problems of any nature can always be discussed.

Become a member of the headquarters on facebook so that you can always follow what we do or will do in the association.


Our association participates in events (outside of corona time) and you are all welcome there.

There are already collected for a tinkerer in the association.

Occasionally there is a collection action where the messages can be shared.

Competitions to win animal feed, we also need your likes.

Ideas of yourselves are very welcome and can always be passed on to the person responsible for your begging point.

Social contacts are very important to us so respect each other.

Sometimes we get special #donaties and we'll be happy to share it with you.

We are happy to help solve problems or questions about your pet.



So now that everyone is back in the loop, we are going to work with a lot of love for your pets.

Our entire team would like to welcome you to our party.

Together we keep it safe so that we can quickly start events again.

Thank you very much for your trust and have a nice day.

Poozewoef wilrijk: Frank and Corry -

Poozewoef Sinaai: Danielle and David -

Poezewoef Hoevene: Margot and Ronny -

Volunteers: Gina, An and Ma Sinaai

Driver: Ludo, Wim and Rudy


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