Consequences of Disobedience


To deal with this topic I decided to give a reflection based on a text of the sacred scriptures. Which is located in a portion of the Torah that we call within Judaism as Ki Tavo.

Devarim Deuteronomy Chapter 27:1. Then Mosheh and all the elders of Israel gave orders to the people. They said, “Look at all the mitzvot that I am giving you today.
2 When you cross the Iarden to the Earth that Adonai, your Elohim is giving you, you will put large stones, put plaster on them,
3 and, after crossing, write this Torah on them, every word — so that you can enter the Earth that Adonai your Elohim is giving you, a land flowing with milk and honey, as Adonai The Elohim of your parents, promised you.
After 40 years of wandering through the desert, and having already died in the desert all those who had left Mitzaryim who is Egypt, those over 20 years old except Kalev and Yehoshua who is Josue, Moshe speaks to the people and tells them on the border with the promised land.

That made this event of 40 years wandering through the desert, because the people of Israel, sin because they disobeyed the command of Elohim God, did not trust him, after Yehoshua Josue, with the other spies went to explore the promised land to bring them, news, of the 12 spies only Yehoshua Josue and his friend Kalev, were the only ones who gave encouraging testimony, said that it was a productive land, which undoubtedly was the one flowing milk and honey as the powerful tpdomy had sworn to give their parents.

The other 10 spies said that if the earth was good but they disobeyed and said that they could not live there, because in that land lived the nephilim who were the race of giants. And they were in charge of influencing the people for evil.

And the consequence of this was that, all those over 20 years old would not enter the promised land except for Yehoshua and Kalev with their families, within the Hebrew context, people over 20 years old are the ones who were able to have as we say voice and vote. And this one applied only for men.

For their disobedience they wandered in circles in the desert for 40 years, until all that generation who disobeyed the voice of God died.

We must apply this in our lives to be vigilant, because disobedience brings with it many consequences that tend to turn into misfortunes.