Onze nieuwe trailer!

Onze nieuwe trailer!


Ons kanaal bestaan een half jaar!

Het YouTube kanaal van @EnyaMona en mij bestaat vandaag officieel 6 maanden! Toevallig valt dat ook op de verjaardag van Enya. (Zo toevallig is dat stiekem niet) En omdat we ons kanaal al weer een half jaar hebben vonden wij dat een mooi moment om een nieuwe kanaal trailer te maken! Hierin hebben allerlei leuke stukjes verwerkt die wij in het afgelopen jaar hebben kunnen filmen. Zelf ben ik heel trots op ons dat we al zo een tijd lekker bezig zijn samen en ik zie dit ons nog wel veel jaren doen! (Of soort gelijke creatieve dingen.)

Ook ben ik trots op de prestatie van ons kanaal! Zo hebben we 166 abonnees, 14.817 weergaven en dat met 42 video's!! Dit is voor ons zonder twijfel het snelst groeiende kanaal en zo hopen we nog de 1000 abonnees te kunnen halen voor het eind van dit jaar. 😁 Bekijk dus zeker even onze trailer en hopelijk kunnen wij ook jouw welkom heten bij ons kanaal als kijker of zelfs een fan! 😊

De kanaal trailer

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Greeting the river by taking a jump from waterfall! :D
Hello, my friends! Today I'll like to share a #funnypic with you (actually the whole series) all of them funny as they can be as soon as I tell you the contest. So, all of these pictures were taken on river #ZrmanjaCroatia last year in May :D It was our first rolling on the river moment for 2020. and I was super happy and excited to be there, I almost hugged every tree I saw :D The exact spot where pics are made is the last waterfall of our route for that day, locally called the Oger waterfall. As the photo said, I enjoyed every moment with a wide smile on my face, as the #Childofnature should have, except this one going through freezing water ( around 10 Celsius at the time), haha but to take this #enjoythemoment #funnypic one should climb trough small waterfall (small but strong) and I actually manage to get myself stuck trying to take a perfect photo :D Did you guys ever jump from a waterfall in a freezing river? It's a katharsis experience, my intention was to send my greetings and respect toward that river with that jump, I just had to be a part of its perfection for a moment :) #imadethismeme  #nature #naturelovers #river #waterfall #enjoying #kayaking Hope to make you laugh with my precious facial expression while jumping in the cold water, have a nice day! Sincerely Yours, Child of Nature
How to get a gas cylinder in venezuela
venezuela to be a rich country, with natural resurses that very few countries in the world have, is a country that the needs that we live here is an ordeal that every day we spend, of course that politically the situation has brought more difficulties to the poorest, since the great and powerful politicians are government or opposition not it affects them at all today will tell you about basic services such is the gas to make our food here place in pictures of the day that to get a gas cylinder you have to pass. the big tails that you have to do to have a gas cylinder is something absurd, in a country with large deposits of natural gas where it is really a proesa to have a service, half respectable for your home, with all this, the humiliations that you are exposed is something regrettable, since no one should deserve to be humiliated by having a basic service is your home. for no one it is a secret that the countries governed by governments that have or seek in their nearest neighbors enemies where there are no, is something pathetic, because that is the story of suffering in a country where the fault is of others, except mine that is what the government says, by the way in a country that the social divide became bigger, that is to say rich people became richer and the poorest and exiled poor in their country almost 5 million people. have to stop doing your daily tasks to be able to fill you a domestic gas cylinder is something that a person should not get used to, but it is what we have left, that if I don't say it with a conformist tone, rather I say it with a tone of resignnaation, because if your protest for your rights could be imprisoned or even your danger life, all this I bring here as a form of relief, and think very well when you choose your leaders, in my country we made that mistake and we have more than 20 years suffering them