The contact with nature in my life has had great significance. For much of my life and work, that contact has taught me a lot and has been very rewarding for me.
My work has shown me to appreciate every day its importance and its contribution to the world, which is why I have believed and am convinced that we have to give back to her, all that she does not give. That's why I felt the need to contribute to one of nature's main drivers: Trees, which bring benefits to humans, animals and microorganisms that live with them.
In that contribution I have tried to teach adults and children how to make organic fertilizers and compost, which are the food of trees and microorganisms. These fertilizers are made with materials of this same nature such as: leaves, animal manure, sawdust, fruit and vegetable shells, water among others, which decomposed by microorganisms, are assimilated by plants, thus completing a perfect cycle, but this time a little faster, and with the help of humans. That must be our role, and for that we must prepare, future generations. #nature