Between the hustle and bustle a moment of rest; coffee!
“Hey, mom, do we have something delicious with the coffee?”
“Hi Amelie, do you also drink coffee?”
“Ha..., ha..., ha...” (including rolling eyes)
“Ok then, grab them, the chocolate cookies.”
The package was put on the table, carefully opened and distributed.
“Mom...? There were twelve in them, I now only have five left.”
“I think you can count well!”
“Duh!!!!” (Now those rolling eyes!) “But there are seven of us, what should I do with those five cookies?”
“Give to your father and mother???”
“Naaaaaaaaahhhh!!!” (Very big, very hard rolling eyes!)
“Well, then, you eat them.”
Four hands flew to the box with the cookies, followed by a great rest - eating children, delicious!
Amelie looked at the picture she had on the chocolate. Just as she tried to put it in her mouth, I asked her:
“Are you sure about that?”
“What do you mean?”
“Are you sure you want to eat it?”
“Well..., they're already saying you look like me. You're gonna look even more like me. Would you really eat that cookie?”
“Ooohhhh, what mean!!” - followed by roaring laughter - “we really don't look alike!” And there the cookie disappeared in two bites in her mouth.
Oh, child, you don't know how much you look like your mother... #koekjes #verdelen #koek #moeder #dochter #moederendochter #opelkaarlijken #minime #lekkereten #snoepen #koffiepauze