Corona brings back fellowship!

Lately, you've only heard about the Coronavirus. It makes me crazy every now and then.

But these difficult times also bring something beautiful.

These are special times,times when people show their true nature. Their true nature regarding fear, hamster and bastard behavior.

But above all their true human nature. It's a pity it takes a corona virus to return to what makes us human. To a bit of togetherness, the completely closed Italy dances daily at 20.00 hours on the balconies and also in Spain people are applauding and screaming that we have passed another day lockdown together. The Netherlands is still a bit behind with a moderate applause on Friday night, but there were a lot of people applauding for all those people who contribute to getting through this difficult time.


But also on an individual level, people are increasingly showing their social face, which is difficult with all these masks.

But even while we stay 1.5 meters away, there is a togetherness. A feeling that has been crumbling for many years.

People spontaneously offer to do shopping for another person. Teachers offer help to parents and even psychologists make themselves available for a good conversation from person to person in this for manyquite uncertain time.

Students call lonely elderly people and so there are 1,000 more examples of people who need a crisis like this to show their true social face.


I know I ask too much when I say that I hope that when we control the corona, this humanity will not disappear just like the virus. Vin hope, perhaps.

But who knows, big changes require great events, and this is the biggest global event most of us may ever experience.

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