Corona diary #1

17 March 2020

After a few days I finally feel a bit more in the here and now. The past few days, I found scary. On Friday 13 March we already received an email from the school of the twins that they would be closed on Monday. There is a teacher at school with flu phenomena, thank God he has not been in contact with the students and they want to take the safe for the uncertain. The fright will strike you around the heart for a while. The same day I get a Whatsapp message from my sister. Would we please come to my nephew's birthday tomorrow? She was supposed to celebrate for our side of the family only April 4th but my brother-in-law's family is mostly from Brabant and they all canceled, logically wise. But yes, a child who turns five doesn't understand Corona. He was so looking forward to it. Of course I can't refuse such a thing. He has had a nice day despite the fact that only my parents and I were there. His real birthday on April 3, he will not be able to celebrate at school with his friends as it turns out Sunday afternoon when the government announces that all schools will close until at least April 6.

This measure means quite a lot, my teenager panics slightly. She is in her graduation year and is very concerned. That same evening we received an email from school with reassuring. For the students of the exam year we look at how they can organize everything as well as possible. They follow the national protocol which will be announced later this week. They will arrange remote education, if possible, so that they are prepared as optimally as possible.

16 March 2020

No alarm clock this morning, a weird sensation on Monday morning. On the street, it's awfully quiet. Because there is no targeted approach to what needs to be learned from school yet
the children do not know so well about the situation. Our middle guy likes to bake and cook, so I let him do his thing with baking cookies. The eldest still has to read for her book report and the youngest goes to Max, the horse she takes care of with her friend for her teacher. I myself have to work the evening ride at DHL. The silence
is clearly visible on the street, it has an advantage, everyone is at home to receive their parcel themselves. In the evening we get an email from school of the oldest, about how remote education is organized. For the twins we get an email later in the evening that they have to watch how the education will be organized. Because of the sick teacher, they don't take any chances because he's not being tested and the whole school has to be closed to
to be cleansed, teachers are no longer allowed in.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

We get up early and started with distance education. Laptops, tablets, magister and snappet are started. Although the twins don't know anything official yet, they still make assignments on snappet. Through Magister, the eldest gets assignments from her teachers for each subject and what needs to be made. It's nice to see how the eldest, while making her own assignments, supports the twins in their assignments. Like a true teacher, she explains everything with angels patience to her brother and sister. Although all three of us are equal, the difference is now visible. The twins do practical education and therefore assignments at their own level. It's nice to see how the oldest can switch so easily. I am also asked for the necessary things and try to help them wherever I can. But yes, the whole education is as different as 25 years ago. But I'm doing my best.

We're all gonna have to hold on to it this way.

For everyone: take care of yourself and each other and stay healthy! ❤️❤️ #Covid19
#Coronavirus #Coronanederland