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Overview of the events day 27

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Day 27 (January 26, 2020) - Spain and Portugal False Alarm

First suspected case in Austria. Later the case was considered negative, but not yet confirmed. Spain and Portugal confirmed that all previously reported cases were false alarms, just like Hungary.

The United States confirmed their third and fourth case, both in California. Macau confirmed three additional cases, bringing the total to five. Hong Kong has confirmed its sixth, seventh and eighth case. Thailand has confirmed its eighth case.

China prohibits all trade in wild animals and plants with immediate effect.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) has started developing vaccines against the corona virus, a center employee said on Sunday. Vaccines are also being developed outside of China, which should be ready by June.

WHO Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesus is on his way to Beijing to discuss Chinese outbreaks and coronavirus with Chinese officials and health experts.

China now uses nationwide monitoring stations for screening, identification and immediate isolation of coronavirus-infected travelers, including at airports, train stations, bus stations and ports.


China is still playing down the numbers

Like I said yesterday the numbers make no sense are nand slowly that realization also penetrates the deaf and dumb outside world.

China is still busy limiting the damage of yet another blunder from one of their research laboratories. It would not be the first time that they would release a deadly virus and cause a pandemic.

I had seen the video below without translation a few days ago, but this confirms the suspicion that we are not talking about 2000 cases, but possibly fifty times that number. That would also make a better match with the amount of protective suits and the extra medical staff.

Still I keep wondering how the timing of this virus could be so perfectly bad? The virus is dormant for 2 weeks (incubation period), but already contagious (without anyone noticing). Just before the Chinese New Year (when many are already en route to relatives inside and outside China) the acceleration starts taking place.

Even during the acceleration, the numbers released by China are not worrying. Only 2 days before the Chinese New Year, Wuhan enters Lockdown and the world sees the first images from the Cordon Sanitaire.

Even then, it takes a few days for governments around the world to decide what the right emergency measures should be. In many countries, the measures seem to be more focused on appeasing rather than putting out.

China has managed to avert the eye of the world from the Hong Kong protests and as the number of cases in Hong Kong is increasing, the government now has two crises to control.


The number of official cases has doubled in just over 24 hours.


Patients may be diagnosed with pneumonia to keep official numbers as low as possible.

By the way, yesterday the virus came very close, as in a 10-minute walk close. When a Chinese tourist who was possibly infected was admitted to the hospital in Granada (Spain). At the end of the day it turned out that it was a false alarm. Governments worldwide do not realize how small the world has become and that a virus does not adhere to national borders. Why does it take 27 days for Europe to take action?

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