Coronavirus Covid-19: Far from our bed show? Or not?

At first we thought,it's just a flu...

I think I don't speak only for myself when I say that both my friend and I initially thought that the #coronavirus an ennobled flu and we were just #bang via the #media - Yes- Yes.I haven't been so gullible about what the media has been presenting to us for a numberoryears,for which I have my reasons- Yes.Now we are dealing with a different kindormedia,because we no longer live in the Netherlands,but in Hungary where we have to deal with limited news sources in English- Yes.Every day there is a meeting here at 12 o'clock in the afternoon and later in the day the new measures are passed on to the inhabitants by a press conference,video and later websites that publish it (fortunately) in English.

Few infected persons (known) in our country

Maybe you'll recognize it when I tell you that I didn't worry about the whole virus during the first period because no cases were known in my region- Yes.By my region I mean in this case the country,since here in #Hongarije at the timeorthis writing (Sunday 15 March 2020 at 9.30) only 32 cases are known that #positief #getest are on the #corona #virus - Yes- Yes.I saw earlier this morning the number 30 cases,but on this live map ,I read 32,so now there are 2 positive tested.

Hoarding? Or not?

Since we unfortunately only have a small freezer compartment and limited storage space for stock,I have taken up a few things- Yes.Normally I walk (almost) daily to oneorthe supermarkets to stock up the food for that day,I take larger numbers sometimes if there are offers,but I usually only have meals for 1 to 2 days- Yes.So I started hoarding slowly in the various supermarkets last week to make sure that if I really have to (hopefully) 14 days at least have something to eat for the threeorus.

For the first time in the two years that we live here I now have 2 kitchen cabinets (4 shelves) fullorstockorshelf life things- Yes.Normally I only have a few trayen with bottlesorwater in a cupboard (because the water here in our neighborhood is really dirty from the tap and probably not healthy becauseorold pipes)- Yes.That's kindora crazy face,fullorcabinets- Yes.I did not buy extreme numbers toilet paper,1 extra pack compared to my normal stock,and so also detergent,shampoo and the like a new bottle in stock- Yes.I am well aware that you really do not have to buy for 2 months but better make sure that everyone can get something in the supermarket.

Where we normally buy some fresh sandwiches every day,we will now #broodjes go #bakken

Normally I get a stockorfresh rolls for 1 or 2 days (I share freeze),because that is tastier and cheaper than a normal bread (which I also can't put in the freezer haha),but now we will start making sandwiches ourselves from tomorrow- Yes.I have enough minced meat in the freezer thanks to a 40% discount on 2 packsor1kg last week when I went to get groceries,so 1orthose 250gram packets I will use to #vers #worstenbrood to bake- Yes.I fear that nothing remainsorthis to freeze,we like that (haha).

Further on the schedule is: #suikerbrood or #suikerbroodjes baking- Yes.That's gonna be a first try,just like #kaneelbroodjes that I have on the schedule- Yes.These kindsorthings are not only useful to prevent us from having to go out (unnecessarily),but also a nice #activiteit to keep our daughter busy during our voluntary #thuis #quarantine - Yes.

We decided to be careful and stay indoors as much as possible.

Although there are no infections in our area (known),we both think it wise to stay at home as much as possible- Yes.It is quite difficult considering the beautiful spring weather that seems to break through,but getting the virus and lying in bed with this beautiful weather is even more annoying- Yes.Our daughter has not so great resistance yet,she has been ill from the moment she started kindergarten in September- Yes.Not only did she have to build up resistance,also the hygiene at that school is just below standard- Yes.So we decided after her last 3 weeks ill that she stays home for now- Yes.About 1.5 weeks later it was announced that the schools will close tomorrow anyway- Yes.Although daycare facilities are allowed to decide for themselves (from what I understood) we keep our lady beautiful here,so I can at least monitor who comes in contact with whom.

Yesterday there was 1 child with a dry cough several meters away from us at the traffic light- Yes.I noticed that I was already stuffy with the idea that this child,without knowing it or without really getting sick,spread the virus and the parents did not even take measures to prevent the child from infecting others- Yes.Many still have their heads in the sand,so our best chance to protect our daughter and ourselves (and thus others) is to stay home as many days as possible- Yes.I've decided not to leave the door on Wednesday unless there are no crazy things- Yes.I hope that others also become more awareorthe fact that you need to protect not only yourself,but others too.

I notice that the subject inspires me very much to write,there is still so much I want to say,so expect me to post even more in the coming weeks- Yes.One more airy in tone than the other:) to keep the balance in it we shall say.

Have a nice day!

PS: If you need some tips not to #vervelen during these days inside- Yes.I wrote these blogs with what #tips so as not to get bored: Part 1 , Part 2

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