Covid-19 Antidote: Faith vs Science

Why are scientists tirelessly searching for an antidote to the virus when there is an antidote already - the blood of Jesus? Could it be that they understand that faith is incapable of helping the world come out of this conundrum?
Religion in general and Christianity in particular have failed us. Instead of searching for a cure (or better still, use the antidote - the almighty blood) to save the world, it is busy instigating fears in people's minds. Christians say the pandemic points to the fact that it is the end of the world. We should be paralyzed by fear of the virus and of hell - how does that help? Clergymen and women posits that the pandemic is God's punishment to mankind for its numerous unpardonable sins - unpardonable? What's the essence of the blood, then?
I bet the prophets and vision seers didn't see this coming. Choosing themes of the year such as "Breaking limits", "Year of Perfection", "Year of Quantum leaps", "Year of Greater Glory and Greater Works", "Year of the Great Turn Around" (things really turned around, I must say), "All Things Are Now Ready", "Year of Supernatural Shift: Drastic, Dramatic and Dimensional shift" etc. implies that they envisaged a different year, certainly not one with the outbreak of a pandemic.
It is a pity that while the world is in misery and some individuals sacrifice their time and energy searching for a cure, some opportunists are more concerned about devising any possible means to extort money from others, under the cloak of religion. Insanity.
The mischievous ones among them, in a bid to fatten their bank account, took to manufacturing and selling protective devices that will help prevent the virus from coming close to the tents of their members: stickers, aprons, bottled waters, handkerchiefs/towels, olive oils; which the gullible members rush to buy - who wants to contact the deadly disease?
Critics are likely to argue that science plunged the world into this mess and that the search for a cure is just a pretense. To this criticism, I would retort that the fact that the virus must have been a scientific invention does not mean that the search for a cure is a pretense. If it was, the symptoms of the disease and the control measures would not have been discovered. Progress is being made scientifically, unfortunately, not religiously, to save the world from this pandemic.
According to Religionists, especially Christians, one needs to be born again for one to be immune to the virus. From this, we could draw the conclusion that every single person that has died due to the virus or who has tested positive to it is, according to their terminology, a 'sinner'. This implies a condition that must be met if one must be free from the virus: believe in God or get the virus and die! This is mainly because, for them, God sent the virus to destroy 'sinners'. This is, however, not what science(tists) tells us. Religion attempts to save by instilling fear. I wonder what kind of salvation that is.
From the foregoing, it seems that the blood of Jesus is not a viable antidote for the coronavirus. Faith is not able to save mankind from this virus. The search for a cure, scientifically, continues...

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