Several feel-good stories about the earth recovering have gone viral since the coronavirus pandemic forced the world indoors. Amid this, scientists have confirmed that the largest hole in the ozone layer over the Arctic region has closed in.

The ozone layer shields the earth from most of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which is a major cause of skin cancer. Netizens, however, claim that this healing of the ozone layer is one of the positive effects of the lockdown.

Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the claim to be misleading. The plugging of the ozone layer hole has nothing to do with the Covid-19 lockdown. According to scientists, it has been driven by an unusually strong and long-lived polar vortex, the high-altitude currents that bring cold air to the polar regions. This is not related to change in air quality.

Ozone heal;Lock down effect?