Crafting monstrous popsicle sticks

These samples arenot scary and also not dangerous. They do not bite, even if they have sharp teeth. Monsters are actually creepy, big and ugly. But these babies aren't. With 1, 2, 3 or even 6 eyes, they look pretty sweet at you, right? These wooden samples are veryfriendly and cozy, if you get to know them better.

Made simply with ablack fineliner and some markers. First draw with the fineliner and only then colour with (ordinary) felt-tip pens. Those don't run out. Try it first, on 1 stick, just to be sure.

Making them is a small effort, but with a great and pleasant result. You can do that too! Nice to do and fun to play with. Store them in a small box or in a small bag. It hardly takes up space. Take them to play in the back of the car, or when you're visiting. The fantasy will probably do the rest, and then it will give you a lot of fun!

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Overview made by Mirelle/Crea with Kids 2-12jr

16/06/2020: Enrolled by Coe's Crafts , with 5 popsicle sticks against each other you'll soon have super fun monsters! How many eyes does your monster get?

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