Crafting with popsicle sticks - Coetjes in the meadow make you happy

On the farm, the cows walk in the meadow. Very simple and quick, you make these small cows of 1 single stick. Some white paint and a black marker for the stains, then you already have a cow's body. For the head stick wiggle eyes, 1 pink button for his muzzle and 2 black ears. And now just graze in the meadow, so that you will soon delicious milk from the cow can drink.

Heeee, I've no udders Made! I don't have any attention there, too bad! But if you're going to make them too: You could stick a pink udder of paper, foam rubber or felt. The udder is divided into 4 parts,”quartering“called. Every quarter of an hour has its own teat. So draw 4 teats on the udder!

By the way, a dairy cow gives on average 20 liters of milk per day. That's 20 cardboard litre packs! A lot, huh? They do not give milk 365 days, but about 310 days. Do they have 55 days of vacation?

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