Crawler Never Enough Craft Tips

The picture book “Caterpillar Nooitenough” by Eric Carle

You probably know it too! It is a very popular booklet and a lot of fun! It's aboutCaterpillar Never enough, he's always HUNGY. He eats and eats. When all the leaves are gone, he starts on ice cream, cake, sausage, candy, fruit and chocolate. Every day of the week he becomes a little thicker, until he experiences terrible abdominal pain. He builds a house around him and at the end of the week he comes out like a beautiful butterfly!

In class, in a group but also at home it is nice to read this book together with children. It's also incredibly instructive. Then add some themes and you can fill a week with fun stuff!

You can talk, for example, about the development of caterpillar to butterfly. Or what butterflies there are. Fruit and vegetables, the days of the week or learning to count. In short, enough varied topics that never have enough to do with Caterpillar.

Check out the booklets of Crawler Never Enough

And how much fun is it, when you never get enough to join the caterpillartinkering? There are plenty of fun craft tips to find. For example, see below how this hungry caterpillar was made, by The Craft Teacher Ede .

Benecessaryheden:12 Styrofoam balls of 3 cm, 1 ball of 4cm, 1 (cotton wool) ball of 2cm. Two colours of green and red acrylic paint, 1 purple chenille wire (pipe carrier), 2 mm aluminium flower wire, small yellow paper, green and black marker.

Oh, yeah, long sateprikers arehato pierce a hole through the ball, and before dyeing it is convenient to poke the balls on it.

Method:Poke all the balls on a long sat-stick. Do not pierce the stick all the way through the big ball. Paint 6 balls light green, 6 balls darker green and the larger ball red. Allow to dry well or blow dry. Straight the aluminum wire a little and slide the balls (around) onto the wire. You stick the head on the end with a little bit of allslime. I pricked a smaller (cotton wool) ball at his back, and also glued a bit.

Never bend Caterpillar in shape. Make 2 antennae from 2 half chenille threads and pierce them into the head (possibly pre-prick with a satstick). Cut 2 ovals out of yellow paper, color the pupil with green marker, and stick with all mucus. With a black marker you draw the triangular mouth.

You can give the caterpillar 6 feet by sticking 6 brown beads under it.

Do you want to do more with Caterpillar Never enough? Any other ideas to make a caterpillar? Then you will find some nice craft tips below, which I found on the internet. I tried to find nice workpieces from different materials.

Do you feel like it, too?

Source: Gemma Robson

With balloons. Source:

Party hat. Source:

Party hat and purse. Source: PAPALOTES

Garland with plates. Source:

With large beads or (green-dyed) cotton balls.

Source: hanginghouses.blogspot.n l

A chain of pasta or thick straws or other hollow thin pipes. The rounds are made of paper/cardboard, but can also be made of foam rubber.


With buttons and brads. Source: Lauren Rowell

Source: Craftytude

Pattern for Ironing beads. Bügelperlen Vorlagen

Made from the (disposable) fruit bowl. Source:

Half toilet rolls. Source:

Crawler Never enough of bread dough with paint mixed through. Source:

On clothespins. Source: Happy Home Fairy

From clothespins. Source: Lady Lemonade

Pompons stuck on popsicle stick. Source: Angela @ Teaching Mama

Folding of paper. Source: Folding teacher

Paint rhinestones. Source: The Purple Pumpkin Blog

A very nice and easy craft has been submitted by Oudin Sylvie from France.

  • For each child, cut a large sheet of green paper.
  • Draw the veins on the leaf with green felt-tip pen
  • Stick with all slime pompoms in a row but the first pompom is red and slightly larger than the others.
  • If the pompoms are firmly stuck, punch some holes in the blade with a hand punch, hole punch or perforator.

The holes have come of course because caterpillar has eaten enough of the leaf!


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