Creating scratch drawing with wax crayon and black paint

Scratches, scratches... it seems easy and it is. This scratch drawing of a flying saucer (they exist!) was made quickly and easily. Making a scratch drawing is fun for any age and all you need is Wax crayon , black paint (eg. Creall Opaque Black ) and a wooden stick (Action).

I do have a warning: making a scratch drawing is a bit addictive! Whatever you draw, it always comes out magically! Every scratch comes sparkling colors, it's as if you can conjure. I think it is highly recommended for young and old, once made one, then there will automatically be a next...

Required: Canvas board, cut out drawing to pull over, wax crayon, black paint with soft brush and wooden stick

Draw random spots with wax crayon. When everything is full of color, paint with black paint over it. Apply directly from tube to board (as you see here) and then distribute it with brush can also be

Let the paint dry or blow dry the paint. Then put your cut out plate on top and pull the perimeter with the stick

Draw the larger details a little. Then you make the lines of wax thicker and draw a moon and stars

Finally, carefully wipe away all black paint crumbs

To make the scratch painting scratch resistant, you can paint it with acrylic lacquer (varnish)

Template to print out and cut out. But you can also draw a Martian yourself, or something else! Every drawing gets sparkle with the wax crayon scratch technique!

Below you can see what materials you need and where you can order it online.

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