Creative connection project The longest bird line

I just read at Mirelle / Crea with kids about the amazing creative project of the longest bird line! It's a connection project called Every bird sings the way it'sdone!

There is a collection of all kinds of homemade birds, such as crocheting, embroidery, weaving, knitting, punks and other textile forms.

Designer Yarn and Gingertea has a Now everyone can hook this super cute little bird. Have you fallen in love with this cute little bird Fiep and want to make it a felt bird? Do you want to weave, embroider, quilting or do you want something?

Do you want to draw with textile markers on textiles? Can also be!

Maybe you want to tinker with the bird with kids.

The size of the birds is max. 25 cm high and 15 cm wide!

Other craft tips could be to cardboard, stick threads on textiles, or cover with small pieces of fabric, curtains, pieces of wool, pieces of felt or buttons. If you send it in, make sure you have a loop on your bird so that it can be hung. Facebook page Hook you to.

The longest bird line willbeheld during the Textile Festival Weerribben on 14, 15 and 16 June 2019 The theme of this festival is “Strange Birds”.
After the 2019 challenge, the birds will be processed in various forms for various charities or will be used to promote CONNECTION, such as birds-mobiles or teat cords for sick babies, cuddly blankets for children who need a little extra attention, wall cloths for schools to to be able to talk about diversity in society, as a hug for people who need a pat on the globe, a group of images (of various birds) at a library or other connection place etc..


Everyone can participate at his/her own pace, in their own way, using their own talents and resources.

Do you hook in? Crochet is connecting

Booklet with sound - Info

Booklet Dick Bruna -

Cheerful birds -


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