Creative with the Sweet Charm Factory from Totum!

A nice suitcase to make the most beautiful figurines and jewelry from a special kind of clay! Make earrings, a keychain or necklace with your own trendy figures! In the nursery shelter of Ineke van der Linde they got to work with it!

About this Totum briefcase:

Create your own trendy kawaii style bracelets with this Totum Sweet Charm Factory jewelry making craft set! Includes heart-shaped mold for over 40 shapes, 2 chains, 8 earrings and more.

Make with this Sweet Charm Factory craft set by Totum the cutest kawai style candy and donut shaped sweet jewelry with foam dough. The set contains a heart-shaped silicone mold for over 40 shapes, 2 chains, 8 earrings, 2 key chains and 4 felt-tip pens and fine liner in beautiful gift box to store.

Ineke tells:

Today we have been working on the Super Fantastic Suitcase “Sweet Charm Factory" from the Bling Bling series of ToTum.

Ten eerste is het gewoon alleen al om te zien een heel mooi koffertje.

The content is also fantastic. A nice silicone mold to make fun jewelry with soft, well malleable air-drying clay. You can also mix the colors well.

A girl of 9 years old can work with this. She wants to be the first to make a necklace. She chooses the big unicorn figure (unicorn donut).

With the supplied spatula, press the clay well into the smallest corners and then press the rest of the mold. Leave to dry for a quarter of an hour. Then this figure is so hard that you can take it out of the shape.

Other figurines should harden a little longer. This is stated in the manual. And before wearing the jewelry it is wise to keep the manual and let it harden for at least 6 hours.

The girl still finds it exciting to take the unicorn figure out of the shape. That's what we do the first few times. In the end, she dares to do it herself.

How easy the figurines go out of the mold and how cool they come out.

If you are careful, you can now decorate the figure with the included markers or pen. Otherwise, let it harden a little longer.

The girl makes for herself a necklace and a key chain for her school bag. For a younger girl she makes a necklace with smaller figures. For the intern she makes cheerful earrings, because there is no one with us with holes in the ears.

It all worked out very well and everyone is delighted with it.

You can find the Totum box here a.o. purchase/not sponsered

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