Promising Thursday Prompt~ Evanesce- A Recipe


Hey Folks!! Though I am in the process to de-clutter my schedule. So, long awaited and equally pending prompts are here. I’ll try to put up prompts on every promising Thursday.
This time I try to portrait a situation or you can say a story in a form of recipe procedure.
Enjoy this with evening snackies or late night junkies.

Shireen vanished for 18 years. She wrote a note, safely placed at her school's locker which was found by Raven.

Step 1:- Cut down your existing IDs into small pieces.
Step 2:- Take a bin, ignite the fire using match sticks.
Step 3:- Pour all your IDs pieces into the bin. Later, add a little amount of kerosene oil.
Step 4:- Add bitter juices of deletion in all your social media account and crush finely the sim card of your phone (most important step).
Step 5:- Without peeling any pages, sleeves or cover, burn all your close-to-your-heart belongings like toys and small collective items (for no essence of memories),
Step 6:- Lastly, pour a good amount of flammable liquid (like gasoline) all over the house.
Step 7:- Put a dash of belongings in your bag (for survival purpose)
Step 8:- Take the last look of your parents. As they are already in deep sleep because of strong sleep-inducing medicines. Stir your emotions for the final step.
Step 9:- Ablaze the flames at high intensity, so that every part of your memories get roast, leaving no trace of your old life.
Step 10:- Final Step. Garnish your plan by buying a ticket to an unknown place where nobody recognizes you. Lastly, never look back because all are placed and packed.