Critical questions are allowed, but rules must be

#140w #schrijfuitdaging

“Asking critical questions is allowed, but we implement the measures taken to prevent problems.”

'But why not a warning in advance? '

'When I see someone crossing the motorway with earplugs and threatening to get under a truck, I pull him off the road, too. '

'But because of my excess earwax I cannot tolerate such caps, so that vision does not apply to me. '

“I'll get everything out of the closet, really anything, to keep things going here. You can use all the tools here, I even reward you. When you think you're better off elsewhere, you're free to leave. And know that you're always welcome.”

“But, Mom, you can't do that, can you? Are you just sending me away because I'm against sputtering?”

“Exactly, I won't keep going with mudguards.”