Crocodiles of wooden clothespins

Nowadays we don't use as many clothespins anymore because there is a lot of laundry in the dryer. Luckily we can use these wooden clothespins perfectly to make the best crafts! Give the clothespins a lick of paint (e.g. Creall Top deco acrylic paint) and make funny animals out of it.

What do you make of green dyed clothespins? Exactly. Of course, those will be crocodiles. Using a waterproof black marker, draw a winding line on his back and 2 nostrils. Stick 2 small wobble eyes on top. A piece of red paper (3 x 0,5cm) stick in its mouth and cut teeth from 2 white pieces of paper (2 x 0,5cm)

Do you still have time to tinker with a nice mud pool? Then they can stay in there. But are you watching? Because they have sharp teeth, you know!

Set of 6 colors (price 16,95) - Creall Shop

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