Crowd1 is a legit company, so why are there negative reviews on the internet? I will explain that in this blog.

-First of all, we have the people that take advantage of the fact that people google a company before they join. They know that people are going to read their post about Crowd1, so they make something up, the truth isn't important, because they advertise their own product on their review. You can easily recognize them, because their page is full with ads, trying to convince you to buy their "great" product.

-Of course, when a company is doing very well, some other networkcompanies get jealous because they lose members and start spreading lies, to discredit the company.

-Because not everyone understands what Crowd1 is doing yet (they are the first company with this unique concept), they promote it in the wrong way, making it seem like an investment instead of a networkmarketingcompany. Because Crowd1 does not offer any financial products, they don't need a license from a financial regulator. Because of the wrong promoting of some members, and the false complaints of other companies, several countries are investigating Crowd1, which is a good thing. They do this to protect people, and of course Crowd1 is cooperating with investigations, because they have nothing to hide.

The simple truth is that Crowd1 is doing the marketing for the third party companies who work with Crowd1, so therefore those companies share their profit with Crowd1. That doesn't sound that exciting, but it honestly is, because Crowd1 shares 80% of their profit with the members through the rewards system, and the monthly residual payment.

Have you ever dreamed of joining early in a company that will be huge one day? Like Facebook, Twitter, Google? Crowd1 already has close to 7 million members in less than 18 months, something Facebook couldn't accomplish.

If you are interested in learning more, you are free to contact me.

Crowd1: Scam or not?