Cute fish decopatchen with aquarium

They've been here waiting for me for a while.. Sometimes you see something and you think.. That's nice! But then you don't know how to edit it. That's how it went with the fish. They were looking at me without eyes, and I knew.. this is the moment! With a beautiful piece of paper with scales and gold, I went to work. It is a priegel shape to Decopatchen, there are many corners and shapes to. But despite that, I am very happy with these cute fish. Read also how they are made?

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What do you need?

- Paper mache shape fish

- Decopatch paper

- Decopatch glue plus brush

- White chalk paint plus brush

- Pom Band

- Cardboard box

- Design paper (Hema)

- Collall cuddle glue

- Maya gold paint plus brush

- Sticky Eagles

- Sphere band blue

- green chenille thread

How to make it?

1. Paint the fish white with chalk paint and let dry

2. Edit a cardboard box with a blue and brown print (underwater)

3. Stick all of them with glue and smooth it

4. Stick with pieces of paper the fish with decopatch paper glue

5. Make 2 holes in the top of the box and pull the string through. Attach glue there or attach a bead to it.

6. Stick the box with blue ball tape and shape of chenille thread plants and glue it with glue.






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After Eight
#Eten   #recipes #chocolate #italianrecipe Asparagus PEEL THE ASPARAGUS AND COOK THEM IN A SPACIOUS SAUCEPAN WITH WATER. ADD A TABLESPOON OF SALT AND A PINCH OF SUGAR. AS SOON AS THE WATER BOILS, TURN OFF THE WATER SOURCE. LEAVE THE LID ON THE PAN. SMOKED SALMON Roll up and distribute on the plates. Brush with a dressing of lime juice, fresh dill and pepper from the pepper grinder - - FRESH SPINACH Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. V add a handful of spinach leaves and add pepper from the pepper grinder.  Let the spinach shrk and then add again a handful. Add spinach leaves until they are on. REDUCE THE HEAT. - RISOTTO Fry one chopped onion and 2 crushed cloves of garlic in oil. AS SOON AS THE ONION BECOMES VITREOUS, ADD THE RISOTTO UNTIL IT BECOMES GLASSY (+/- 10 MINUTES). EXTINGUISH WITH A BIG SPLASH OF WHITE WINE. ADD A LADLE OF THE COOKING LIQUID FROM THE ASPARAGUS. STIR UNTIL COMPLETELY ABSORBED (+/- 15 MINUTES. NOW STIR PARMESAN. - PUT ON THE PLATE THE RISOTTO, ASPARAGUS AND STIR-FRIED SPINACH. DECORATE WITH FRESH DILL. - CHOCOLATE Au bain marie melt the broken pieces of chocolate. WITH A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE IS CHOCOLATE. THE DOG MARC (WILD HERB PLANT) FROM THE GARDEN OR MINT LEAVES DIP INTO THE MELTED BUTTER AND LET COOL IN THE REFRIGERATOR. DELICIOUS WITH A CUP OF COFFEE. - IT TASTES LIKE AFTER EIGHT! (DO YOU REMEMBER THESE CHOCOLATES?) - - AFTER EIGHT Meanwhile, the beautiful sunny day is almost over. The sun is almost going down. Have a little after-enjoy with a delicious beer. - -
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Black & White Digital Illustration
#drawing #illustration Digital illustrations - Enya Mona At the request of @Henkjan the Warrior I transformed 2 pictures for him into a digital illustration. Very nice that you placed an order!  The pictures were black-and-white which was a challenge for me since I always work in colour. But I think they did quite well and it was really nice to do.  - - Work in progress - Because the whole picture was in black and white, I had made everything with those colors in the beginning.. Now I noticed that it fell away in the background and I gave the background a color.  This gave a much better result as you create more contrast.  BEFORE & After - - - UPSHOT - - - If you want an illustration now, you can check my other blog for more information! Turn your photo into digital illustration - Read more