Cute pineapple made of self-curing clay

Here is another craft tip, which is made easy with a piece of clay and some paint! With self-hardening clay, e.g. Creall Do & Dry, you can make so many fun things! Not only on June 27, because it is International Day of Pineapple, but also on all other days these cute pineapples can be made from clay.

They are lovely summery and cheerful on the table when you decorate them with some sand and shells in a bowl!

Pineapples are deliciously refreshing in summer, but also in winter the pineapple is a popular fruit in all kinds of dishes. All year round on the pineapple! Not only to eat, but also the pineapples nowadays you can see a lot on clothes, pillows, footwear, purses, swimwear, toys and lots of home accessories and other nice things.

The pineapple can't be missed anymore! So get started quickly and make, just like KaatJevana, a nice set of pineapple in a few moments! The process is simple. First let the clay work dry so you can paint, is not even necessary! You can immediately (carefully) start painting, for example with this beautiful shiny pearl paint from Creall.

Clay 2 parts first loosen and make grooves with e.g. a cocktail stick

Stick the cocktail stick to the green of the pineapple

Cut the stick as needed, and then insert it into the pineapple so that it is super sturdy!

Give some pineapple a decoration, e.g. glasses, tie, bow tie or bottle of sunburn. With clay you can make anything you want! After that, you can start painting immediately, without waiting. Then you put the eyelets on it. or put your ice parapluts in.. give them a swimming ring, let them play beachball, clay a sandcastle next to it, put them on a piece of towel.. go loose and celebrate the summer!

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Have you seen this fun action yet?

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