Cuttings mystery box for beginners and advanced

I am a member of a facebook group “Plants and cuttings called” through this site I came in contact with Sylvia. boxes with various cuttings, which will be delivered to your home as a surprise. A mystery box with cuttings will cost you €10, - including shipping, but what you get for it is worth it.

Via this link: Mystery box with cuttings you arrive at her marketplace ad where you can place an order. You can indicate by means of a private message what you prefer: climber, pendant, succulent, epipremnum, scindapsus, Philodendron, colourful or just green. beginners there is a special beginners box.

I also ordered a mystery box with cuttings and within two days it came to me. The package fits in your mailbox so you don't have to stay especially for home, ideal!

Sylvia makes sure that the cuttings are packed well and arrive at you neatly. Especially for the delivery people put them on the outside: “Please careful. I'm a plant 😊” Super neat! A few more nice stickers on it and you have a real surprise pack a bit nice.

is to unpack, or to give a gift to another plant lover.

Cuttings mystery box for beginners and advanced

The box I received contained the following cuttings, although number three is already in an advanced stage as a cuttings, but that makes it so fun.


also ensures that you know exactly what kind of cuttings it is and what precautions you need to take before plants in the direct ground.

 I'm super satisfied with my cuttings mystery box and will definitely order one from her in a while. For now I'll stick to the seven cuttings I've got through Sylvia and the other cuttings I already had are in

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