Daantje under the Christmas tree

#kerstverhaal for Isabelle

Santa Claus on his island


In the turret of his castle on his beautiful island, Santa Claus sits through the mail.

Once upon a time, there was a story on TV about his colleague, Saint Nicholas. That was about the wish of Annabel for a real home gift to get. All in all, that was quite a tour. He always hoped this would never happen to him.

But today the peace on his island suddenly disappears. There's a note in the wish lists, that drives his head to hell. Luckily Rudolph is around to wake him up with his red nose. I'm sure they could solve this problem together.

What's the problem? Well... Isabelle's wish will be very difficult to fulfill. Her dream wish is virtually impracticable. After all, every person has the right to a life of freedom. Not only the children, but certainly the adults.

How does Santa Claus deal with this dilemma?


Santa Claus explores the possibilities

First of all, Santa Claus muses about Daniëlle van de Donk. Where is she usually, where does she live and what does she do? Realizing that this is a national celebrity living and working in England, he sees the impossibilities growing like cabbage. Yet he is seriously thinking about how to respond to Isabelle's wish for children.


Everything Santa hears, reads and sees about 8-year-old Isabelle shows that football is her lust and her life. And that she would like to have this Daantje with her 24 hours a day.

She dreams of a future as Daantje the Second. Considered so, this desire certainly does not fall out of the sky. But then, what can Rudolph and he conjure out of the top hat here?

Rudolph's idea

Rudolph proposes to make a life-size doll. The image of her idol will satisfy Isabelle, he believes. But Santa Claus has a hard head in that. He is afraid of having to treat the child to a disappointment for the umpteenth time this year. And he is not waiting for it with his broad heart.

'But still, 'says Rudolph, 'this seems to me to be a good starting point. We can start that way. ' On which Santa's eyes begin to sparkle spontaneously. There's something in there, of course. A big box is packed in a minute. And not long after that, everything on the island will be in jugs and jars.


Under the Christmas tree at Isabelle


There's a lot of packages under the Christmas tree at Isabelle's house on Christmas Eve. But the little girl is actually only interested in coming true of her own dream, her own wish. Would she finally get Daantje now?

The first person to unpack a present is her brother. And then it's her parents, grandpa and grandmother's turn. Only then can Isabelle get a package from under the tree.

That beautiful, big, red box will attract her. Would Daantje be in there? She pulls him to her. 'He is quite heavy, say! ' , she thinks. When she opens the box, the fright is clearly visible from her eyes.

Indeed, she immediately sees that her idol is in this box. In that sense, her wish has come true. But how...?!? This is awful! This isn't part of Christmas, is it?


Daantje is in pieces. It's a puzzle that Isabelle has to put together to get a doll, a replica of Daantje. Something very different from what she asked for and what she had dreamed of all year long. How can Santa Claus make this to her?

Oh, Toch Daantje under the Christmas tree


Once Isabelle has put the doll together, it all looks lifelike. You can calmly say this is Daantje. Or at least a lifelike copy.

And then Isabelle suddenly sees the note on the inside of the box. From reading this she bursts loudly in sobs. Tears of joy, tears of happiness it is. Because on the note it says:


Question from Santa Claus to Isabelle

From the tower of his castle on his small island, Santa Claus has one last question:

Isabelle, you see this dream come true. How are you going to spend the next year with Daantje to? Are you gonna treat her lovingly? Or are you going to torment her?

And dear reader, what would your reaction be if you ever received such a gift?

Santa Claus and Rudolph wish you all very beautiful Christmas! That every human being may get what he or she expects, or at least wishes. That dreams may come true!


This story fits in the line of the photo challenge ' Visual writing 'by Sophie Hilhorst.

It is inspired by a post on Facebook about the desire of a child to get Danielle van de Donk under the Christmas tree.

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