Dance Competition.

#yoorslocalnews Art and Passion! Wanda Dance Academy celebrated its seventh anniversary with internal competition.

At the facilities of the Terrace of CC Plaza @vamosalplaza, the Wanda @studioswanda Dance Academy celebrated its seventh anniversary with an internal dance competition.

Its owner and teacher Wanda Peressi, expressed her pride and joy in celebrating 7 years full of dance and emotion with her students: “Having a dance academy was a concern since I was little because, thank God, it has become what it is now. I am very grateful and proud of everyone who has been, is and will be in this academy. This activity is annual, to measure the degree of learning of students during the year,” he said.

For her part, Sabina Marín, a dancer at the academy, stressed that students perform all kinds of dances there. In this internal competition, each of the participants brought their own routine to compete. We see classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm; everyone who wants to join is invited, we are located in the center of Valera, at CC Caravaggio.

In the competition, three trophies were distributed; First, Second and Third Place, which came out like this: Sabina Marín in first place, Manuel Terán in second and Sthephany Delfín in third place.