David Lucky is a renowned chef who has been teaching cooking education for decades through a cooking show on Television by numerous people.
In recent weeks, he has been doing cooking advice for viewers.
The people who have an interesting question are invited to the studio by him. To prepare the dish with him.
Mrs. Kriekenmans has asked him the recipe for 'brown clear broth'.
David thinks this is such an excellent proposal that everyone can benefit from.
So should Mrs. Kriekenmans come to the studio to prepare the Bouillon with him.
David has been having a bit of trouble with his hearing lately.
Which sometimes makes him completely misunderstand words.
Mrs. Kriekenmans, on her side, is hyper-nervous. She has an inferiority complex, also finds herself ugly and makes unintelligible noises at times of stress. What she herself is not aware of.
The management finds the celebrity chef's hearing problem a problem.
But he immediately, when she told him that this should be okay, he did the necessary thing. Unfortunately, his device was not finished before recording.
They decided to let everything go on anyway.

“So, Mrs Kriekenmans, he starts, while the cameraman records everything. So you want the recipe for that delicious dark transparent strong broth? Great idea, I suppose everyone wants to know. So your soups and sauces are guaranteed to be delicious. What do you think you need for such a broth?'
“Call me Lilly” she replies, “This talks easier”
“Wrong, Mrs Kriekenmans, “Billy's noodles? Which is easier”
We need. You put it in the roasting sled I prepared: 1 kilo of beef shank and 400 kg of bones.
It is best to ask for thick bones and joints at the leg holder and let him chop them as small as it can.
Then the flavors and fragrances are optimally released”

A little shy and with clearly shaking hands, Lilly puts the bones in the roasting sled.
David has on her the olive oil, which she also pours over the bones while shivering. She succeeds in not pouring next to it. But while doing this, she says on the assembly line: heu, heu, heu”
“Well, lady, that's fast,” laughs the cook, “and we're just getting started”
Lilly is troubled by it. What would he mean” , she feverishly wonders.

David puts the roasting tray in the oven.
“I'll just take over this for you,” he says, because apparently you're bored rather quicks' “Hey,” replied Mrs. Kriekenmans. Because she doesn't understand why he says that at all.

“You have to keep a close eye on the bones,” David continues. You have to flip them regularly. Because they can only turn brown. When they are black, the taste of your broth becomes bitter. And we don't want that, right? The ideal temperature to do this is 200 degrees Celsius. This action has been called “Pincering”.
A bright light-colored broth is appreciated by many people”

David regularly turns the bones until they are nicely brown.

“Will you take the Marmite off the counter, Mrs.”

“Hey heu heu heu
You mean a dark broth bottle like that” she asks.
“The goal is not a berry. It's that big soup pot”

Lilly rushes to the gas fire with the pot and puts it on it. He weighed rather heavily because David had already filled it with cold water.

“As you can see,” David continues, “we don't put hot but cold water in the pot.
This allows the initiators to better deliver their taste, color and smell to the liquid. Do you want to put the shank and the bones in this pot?

This is what Lilly does, as she once again shows her nerve trait.

“You should never let a broth boil”, Mrs. Kriekenmans, you should always keep a close eye on this. So you put the flames on the back burner.
But before we turn on the stove, we are going to focus on the vegetables that also have to be in the pot near the bones.
This vegetable bouquet is called a Bouquet Garni.
We need. As you can see, I have already put it together neatly on the work table.
-300 gr winter carrot
Same amount of leeks
200 gr. celeriac and
200 gr. onions.
Parsley stalks, herbs and spices are also part of this.
The best way to bruise the peppercorns.
-4 bay leaves are also a good idea. They lift up the flavors and finally another 300 gr thyme. Would you mind crushing the peppercorns in the mortar, Mrs. Kriekenmans?

She immediately crushes the peppercorns and? where is her nerve trait?
Ze is blijkbaar nu aangepast aan haar ongewone situatie

"Om de smaak nog een ietsje outside te verbeteren gaan we de 2 onions dwars doorsnijden. So they don't have to be in small pieces.
Mrs is also allowed to do this.

Internally, she's glad she didn't cut her fingers.

In the meantime, David has brought out a small frying pan in which he pours a little olive oil.

"Wil jij er de onions met de platte kant inleggen, Mevr.?
We let them brown in it over a low heat.

Then they cut together, each on a cutting board, the other vegetables into smaller pieces.
They put everything by the bones and the meat in the water.

David, put the pot on a medium heat.
“So now the broth should be infused for 8 hours. That's why we suddenly create such a large amount.
After all, making broth requires a lot of work. When it's finished, we can spread the broth. You like some of them for the soup or sauce for today and tomorrow.
What's left: Freeze yourself in.
Mix four liters of soup with 2 liters of your delicious dark but clear broth.
Please don't let him cook. Because then it becomes cloudy immediately. We definitely don't want this. In kitchen jargon, we say that the broth is then “blind”. Horny, horny, funny huh?
So you have to keep a close eye on your broth . Because cooking him is completely out of the question.
In the meantime, we also have to skim the foam that rises in bubbles with a slotted spoon. The fat must also be removed.
You should also not cover a broth with a lid.
Because some of it evaporates and that's great for the taste.
After 8 hours, it's ready”

“What do we do then, Mrs. Kriekenmans”
“I wouldn't know, chef”
“Eat him? Well well not so fast. After all, you put it in the soup or turn it into a sauce. No you have to pass it”

“Heuuuuuuu? Pass by”

“From your gaze, I can tell you don't know what I mean, Mrs”
Passing means you say so.
You then take another large pot and hang a pointed sieve on it. In it you put a nettle cloth.
That is a cloth that only allows liquid to pass through.
But if you're smart now, keep a round sieve above that. That's what you do to catch all the big pieces. You collect them in yet another pot. Because you can incorporate the meat from the shank into a dish afterwards.
You scoop the vegetables, bones and meat out of the broth with a soup spoon. When all the big pieces are out, you have your stock. Your dark, clear, flavorful broth. You can use that to prepare soup in Grandmother's way. Super tasty taste. Yes, can the broth also be added to the ragout or in a sauce. Your broth then makes everything super tasty.
One more thing I want to say, I forgot this, rinse your nettle cloth very well before you seven . Then surely all the soap from washing is out.
So, Mrs. Kriekenmans, are you going to make broth at home now”
“Certainly. I'll do it on the weekends . So I make a pot with 11 liters of water. So a large quantity. Part of which I will put in the freezer. Thank you for your elaborate recipe. My family will be amazed at my delicious soup. That's what we do it for?

3 gr. thyme

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