Day 3 of the week without meat.

There was another #witlof in the fridge. A good opportunity to visit one of our favorite recipes from @ElisabethsKitchen to make. Simple fast and very tasty. Because even though I was free at 6:30, it took me a while to get home. My rear tire was completely flat. Luckily my eldest daughter was home and she could pick me up by car. Waiting for her today was no punishment with that beautiful weather. I could also put a lemon butterfly on the photo, which I had seen earlier that day flutter around, when we walked back from the animal park where we had admired the first lambs and goats.
Together bought the rest of the ingredients at the Koopman and immediately taken in for tomorrow. I don't have to think about that anymore.
This way we can get through the week without meat.
Also make such a tasty salad, this is the recipe. #weekzondervlees #vegetarisch #vleesminderen #bewustwording #salade #deKoopman