Block poster kerst - kleurplaat voor 25 personen

Wil je met 25 personen één grote kleurplaatposter maken? Als je hem klaar hebt, is hij maar liefst 140cm breed en 104cm hoog! 

Ieder krijgt een deel van de kleurplaat op A4 formaat. Die kleur je in, met bijv. waskrijtjes, verf, stiften of kleurpotlood. Je kan ook je eigen A4 beplakken met stukjes papier, gekleurde lintjes, plaksteentjes, veertjes of andere gekke dingen. 

Als je dan nadat iedereen klaar is, alle delen aan elkaar plakt (aan de achterkant met plakband) heb je een gezamenlijk groot kunstwerk! Leuk om in de hal te hangen!

Klik hier voor het (gratis) PDF bestand van 25 bladzijden (25x A4 formaat)

De Jumbo kleurplaat voor meerdere personen, staat op de website van De Knutseljuf Ede. Open de PDF en print de 25 pagina's uit! 

Hieronder zie je hoe de kleurplaat eruit KAN zien als alle 25 mensen willekeurig hun A4 inkleuren. Maar die van jullie wordt natuurlijk VEEL en VEEL mooier!

En hier zie je hoe de kleurplaat verdeeld is in 25 stukjes. Welk stukje ga jij inkleuren?

Kom ook bij Yoors! Meld je aan hieronder aan met je emailadres:

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Fear of ambition
What if? - Most people have at the end of their lives... Unfulfilled ambitions. Children, work, circumstances you often hear "I don't have time for that”. I'm someone who's not in this.. I go completely for my ambitions and sacrifice very much for my success, but it may be out of fear. I'm afraid of “missing something”... My biggest fear is that at the end of my life I wouldn't have done something I wanted to do, hence I'm going like a hard train. I deliberately work part-time so that I would have more time, do not look for a girlfriend myself and spend most of my time on my ambitions. But recently there was a bell ringing.. What if I accomplish everything now, do everything I strive for, and at the end of my life I've done everything.... but only. Never had children, never cottage garden baby. Isn't that a “missed something”? I had to laugh about it, because it's kind of ironic. My fear of not being able to achieve something is now also a fear of ambition. Because if I go for the cottage garden baby, then I have unfulfilled ambitions because of lack of time... But if I go for my ambitions, I might end up alone thinking I missed something.
Comment and receive 25 YP 25
Hello people, it's nice to meet them:D
#iamnewhere Hello friends is my first time here, I just graduated from lawyer, i am very interested in penal area and the criminology . My friends always tell me that I am their messiah I will be the one who will get them out of hahaha trouble (and I hope to do it) But not only do I dedicate myself to that, I also have my musician side , i play my music keyboard and i try to do video game covers and my own personal content. I like to read and play graphic novels games. I love watching horror movies especially genre “Found footage” and lately I'm learning to illustrate! I think that many of us who have a profession as a lawyer, accountant, doctor or engineer have in the background an artistic side that wants to manifest, that is why I do not miss the opportunity to be alive and learn new skills and be able to combine them. (: