Kleurplaten bijen - Een bijtje voor erbij

Onze bijen maken natuurlijk lekkere honing. Ze zorgen ook voor de bestuiving van bloemetjes en planten, die dan zaden en vruchten kunnen maken. Bijtjes zijn dus heel erg nuttig, we kunnen echt niet zonder de bijen! Voor de hele natuur zijn ze belangrijk. Daarom moeten we goed voor onze bijen zorgen. 

Ze kunnen natuurlijk  ook gemeen steken, maar dat doen ze gelukkig niet zo gauw! Alleen als ze in het nauw gedreven worden en ze voelen zich bedreigd. Blijf dus altijd rustig als er eentje bij je komt, hij gaat vanzelf weer weg als hij merkt dat je geen nectar of stuifmeel hebt. 

De bijtjes die je hieronder ziet, zijn superlief. Je kan ze kleuren, beplakken, uitknippen, gebruiken als patroon of mal voor een ander knutselwerk. Dus maak het kleurig, fleurig en vrolijk, en versier hem naar wens. Teken er leuke bloemen en planten bij, of een bijenkorf met een mooie koningin erbij. Maak je bij blij, en zorg maar goed, voor je lieve en nuttige bijtje!


Om te kleuren, knippen, plakken en knutselen! Wat maak jij er van?

                     Heel veel informatie over bijen en ook deze kleurplaat kan je vinden op de website Nederland Zoemt 


Dat je de bijtjes op allerlei verschillende manieren kunt gebruiken in je knutselwerkjes, dat zie je hier, ingezonden door Gastouderopvang Ramona uit Doetinchem. Superleuk!

Komt hier jouw knutselfoto? (ilse@deknutseljuf.nl)

Wil je meer lezen/weten over bijen, kijk dan op https://bijen.startpagina.nl 

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Colored Rolls...
#jjaede MY first work done alone, when I started painting I didn't think I could achieve it, I copied carbon images, did work with laser prints or just unicolor. After leaving my third surprise pregnancy, I went to a country art shop where I always wanted to enter I met his owner Adriana very friendly, showed me everything available from his store and before leaving he told me about his courses in painting on wood. I'm excited about the idea, but it was the next day, words came up in.mi mente que evitaban participará. But I decided not to keep thinking if I will come. The next day I went to the course I loved it, and after several workshops I decided to try myself at home alone. I had a wooden chest and everything needed. Among so many ideas I had been told about one, Argentinian artist who drew spectacular, and I decided to look at his works I had just created a work that was exactly how I felt. I fell in love with that work so much that I didn't think about it and immediately decided to start painting. I can't say I'm the same but it's my work of art, it was what I wanted to do, how I felt. Thousands of ideas and colors passed through my mind. Desire to create painting. The chest was very beautiful, I sold it immediately to buy more material to continue painting. And here I am painting a lot more beautiful things that I can think of. Sometimes he did not publish. But I always save my photos of the process until I finish it.. These photos were from years ago and I kept in an app of my mobile Google Photos that I download in 2000, I love this app and I have years relying on it to store all my photos I have ideas. Follow me on Instagram! Username: rorocando https://www.instagram.com/rorocando?r=nametag I hope you like it as much as I do. Sent from my HUAWEI P9 lite
My children's dream
#adreamihad We are living very stormy moments, our lives, our behavior has been radically changed, we have had to take equally radical measures, with regard to our new reality. One of the aspects that we always try to maintain, for the sake of our children, grandchildren, nephews, etc.. is health, and health in all its aspects, we are always aware that they maintain a good physical health, where it has to see the good time to sleep, eat well, do physical activity, take care of personal hygiene, we also worry that they carry a good mental health, where we must ensure that they have a good and high self-esteem, who develop an environment where they feel good with themselves and feel optimistic about the future, we can also highlight social health, economic health, public health, family health, we have to take into account many aspects of the experiences in which our children develop. Considering the above, I see a not very pleasant picture for our children. The situation through which the world is going through and not by a pandemic, but the crisis that several countries are going through, the awakening of a consent, young people tired of corruption in countries, in the great majority of Latin American countries. So, I wonder, if there is in the world, enough consent, so that the great powers and those countries where corruption prevails, can think about the future generational, and environmental, because we are engaging future generations, that is our children, we are maiming their dreams and we are pushing them and forcing them to living in a harmful environment. And the great disease of the world is corruption, because out of there are all the evils that humanity is experiencing. I have tried, that in every post I publish, to sow a seed that is watered all over the world through sharing, that when people read it move a little of their feelings, not so much for us, that we have been here for so many years already in this world, and what we must do, is to sow seeds of consent, but by “the dream of our children”. We are more good people and we want a different future for our children. Sowing seeds of consent, we will make it happen” the dreams of my children ".