The styroport cutter

The watts? What kind of cutter?

I'm talking about the cutter for cutting styrofoam, tempex, polystyrene, styrofoam or better known as styropor. That white, lightweight synthetic craft material, available in all kinds of shapes .

Of course, you can cut it with a knife. I sometimes do it with small eggs or balls or on the back of a shape. If it's okay if the cutting edge looks frayed. Then a knife is fine. Cutting with a knife does give clutter, small static balls fall off. But if you want to share it neatly, with a nice, straight and tight line or cut off a piece, then there's... the styroport cutter !

And... a nice fact: you can also cut foam rubber plate with it!

This is from the German brand Pebaro

Also for (older) children it is fun to use. But not for the smallest, because the wire gets HOT! The cutting is done with a hot metal wire. The wire is heated by a battery and therefore the hot wire glides easily through the styrofoam! The device looks like a jigsaw and it has a bracket. In the handle are AAA batteries.

The hot wire foamcutter/styro-cutter is a handy device for cutting styropor into details. The wire is heated by the battery (due to the electrical resistance) to about 200°C. If the wire passes past the cut material, the material sears nicely.

Put the paper example on top, squeeze the button, and the hot thread “flies” through the styropor plate.

Source: Pebaro

Source: Pebaro

Cut out with the styropor cutter and then pasted with glitter. Source: Guide Patterns

Do you want to have a nice personal shape but it's not ready for sale in the store? Then make it yourself with the styrofoam cutter.

Source: (both photos)

The styroport cutter does not cost much. At least, if you are going to use it for 1 craft work, then it is relatively expensive. But once you have purchased it, you will enjoy it for years and years. Because, you can justspare cutting wirebuy extra.

The cheapest is in the hobby shop about 15-20 euros. With this you can cut thin plates or cut small pieces. There are also larger ones, and also other types and many more expensive cutters. Also on electricity, with more volts and those can cut thicker plates with ease. This is of course advisable by the modelers. You can also make one yourself, there are many (complicated) self-construction devices to be found on the internet.

But for us, hobbyists, this below small or the large styro cutter on batteries is perfect. For the most beautiful Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day crafts, 3D Cards, home decorations, etc. Also the pen shape (that prikker) seems ideal to me. I've just never tried it myself. But I heard good reactions.

I would also like to hear your comments and tips about the styro-cutters.

Source: E&E DESIGN


Source: E&E DESIGN

Source: eundedesign

Source: E&E DESIGN

Tip: The thin white plates on which the packaged cold cuts are also made of styropor. On it you draw (after cleaning) a nice drawing. You can slide through it with the cutter! You can create your own embelishments/figurines that you can stick to cards, boxes and other decorations.

Below are some other styrofoam cutters. There are quite a lot of types and brands. In the hobby shop, DIY store and online of course. The more expensive cutters can also be made by thicker foam.

3-in-1 Styrofoam cutter with 3 different markers: a filament, an engraving pen and a hot cutting knife. This unit has a very fast heating time and is suitable for cutting all types of polystyrene foam. Price 22 euro

Velleman 3-in-1 Styrofoam cutter.
Ideal for cutting moldings, hobby projects, etc. 3 markers: filament, engraver and hot cutting knifeFor easy cutting of all kinds of shapesSuitable for all types of polystyrene heats up in 10 seconds. Included:Holder power adapter
Price 27 euro

The HSGM ENGEL-CUTTER is a professional thermal styrofoam cutter. A heat cutter to cut synthetic material such as Styrofoam & Hard foam, without releasing statically charged styrofoam. With this knife you can easily cut through polystyrene plates with a maximum thickness of 70mm. The HSGM ENGEL-CUTTER is widely used in “Construction” by professionals but also by DIY professionals. Source: Connector World Trade - Haarlem

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