Doodle Art drawing with doodles

Doodle Art is fun to do, it is a relaxing activity for all ages. If you have colored paper or cardboard, and some markers and/or fineliners, you can already start making something like this.

We do it all, marked or unnoticed, drawing Doodles, or doodelen:

  • If you are sitting on the phone, and you have a pen or pencil nearby, then imperceptibly make small drawings, dashes, patterns, curls, etc. Draw patterns without thinking. From your gut.
  • If you're in the classroom, and all you have on the table is a pen and your agenda, then you “draft” your agenda or writing full of funny figures, crazy pattern, hearts, flowers, dots or dashes. Without real attention to what you draw and scribble, drawing fiddles from your imagination or feeling.

And that's what they call Doodle Art. It's very relaxing!

I made the above drawings to show you that you can make something very nice very quickly and easily, and that everyone can do it easily.

If you want to create something with more details and where you want to spend more time, you canfiner fineliners use. There are various thicknesses in fineliners for sale. You can also experiment with differentcolorspaper and maybe also different colors fineliners. White fineliners on black paper, of course, look very different!

With pencil, first draw a figure on a different color of paper and cut out. Stick the shape with a glue stick on a nice contrasting colour of paper/cardboard.

Below you can see a step-by-step plan, it's actually just putting some lines and “dooming” the flats. Don't think too much so, just let it go! :)

Do you want more inspiration? Then take a look at the examples below.


Source: Londab

Source: Hrbor



Source: Cultural Menu
Source: Karla Gerard

Source: Bored Art


Doodle Art drawing Sheep

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- One #Doodle Art Drawing (e.g. for the baby room) you make yourself!

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