Krantenkunst - Knutsel een voorjaarsbloem - Paper Art Krokusje

Creatief met krantenpapier, het is heel gemakkelijk. En het kost bijna niets.  

Eigenlijk heeft het ook geen uitleg nodig. 

  • Knip vormen uit krantenpapier, het hoeft niet heel strak en netjes. 
  • Plak het op papier. 
  • Kleur in met stiften met een dikke punt. Gebruik geen hele dekkende stiften, het is leuk als je de krantentekst er nog doorheen ziet. 
  • Ik heb het papier geplakt met een simpele kleefstift (Pritt/Lero/Stanger). Trek lijnen met zwarte stift. 
  • Tenslotte plak je wat decoraties naar wens op je schilderijtje. Bijv. gouden sterretjes, strass-steentjes, glittertjes, etc of maak je met gele stift nog wat zonnestralen, om je krokusje mooi te laten bloeien.

Laat het voorjaar maar komen!

Creatief met kranten-kunst ideetjes!

Inspiraties voor meer Paper Art Krantenkunst, van Crea met Kids 2-12 jr

Haal het voorjaar in huis - Krokusjes knutselen doe je zo!

Een overzichtje van verschillende krokusknutsels, van De Knutseljuf Ede


Leuke voorjaarsbedeltjes! Set van 30 stuks - meer info


180 grams papier/dun karton in voorjaarskleuren - meer info


LHouten ornamentjes voorjaarsbloemen o.a. narcissen - meer info

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Greetings from Holland!
What are you proud of, is the question of the Yoors team this weekend. Well, of course, I could mention some things that I'm proud of, which concern myself, but I choose something else. I choose the people who are important to our country, who determine a large part of our image, n just a few weeks a year. I am proud of the Dutch bulb growers! Is it not a typical Dutch picture above? This is what people from abroad think about when they think of our country. Bulb fields and mills! Tulips as far as the eye can see, what a beautiful sight! Fields full of all kinds of colors, just along the way, it is enjoying in this period of the year! It is normally very busy with tourists, the Keukenhof flows over! Here too, Corona sprinkles soot in the food, because the Keukenhof remains closed, except for an experiment. With a negative test you can go into the Keukenhof, but quiet. It's not just the tulips that are in bloom: Daffodils, hyacinths.... It is a pity that there are no fragrance photos yet! Are those bulbs blooming for our pleasure, you might wonder? No, the bulbs bloom and then form small spheres, which are harvested and sold, inside and outside our country! But the bulb growers have it heavy! Because of the coronacrisis, their trade is almost silent. And yet, yet they continue their work, and let us enjoy the splendor of colors! A lot of respect for our bulb growers. Guys, I'm proud of you! A call to you: if you have the opportunity to visit the bulb fields, do not go between the bulbs. In the pictures it looks like I was in between, that's not so, it's a matter of perspective. And for everyone who can't enjoy the bulbs “live”: I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I'll be happy if you leave a heart under this post. Greetings from (North) Holland! All photos in this blog are of course made by yourself! #yoorsapril2021 #holland #bollenvelden #bulbs #tulips #hyacinths #narcissen
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Call the animal by the name AGURAL GIF
Today in the Chamber LauraBromet talked about agricultural poison and suggested Lien vd Plas for this now plant protection products t e call. That makes it very clear to whom BBB is sitting there: the agricultural industry, not the inhabitants who get sick of this poison. Parkinson's in the countryside Zembla investigates the link between Parkinson's disease and agricultural poison. Farmers and their families are more at risk? Weed killer Roundup also kills bumblebees - Biodiversity - Farmerland - health - Blog collection -