Poppetje op skies van wasknijper en ijslollystokjes

Houd jij ook van wintersport en van skiën? Wat vind je van dit poppetje dan? Het is zo gemaakt! Kijk hieronder voor de stap-voor-stap werkwijze. 

1 wasknijper, 2 lollystokjes, 3 cocktailprikkers, 1 wattenballetje van 2,5cm, 3 chenilledraden, 2 ronde papiertjes en stiften, schaar en lijm (en plakbandje).

Prik het wattenballetje (of styropor balletje) op een cocktailprikker. Doe er een drupje lijm in voor de stevigheid. Knip het stokje onderaan 1cm eraf, dan zie je het niet zitten. Maak een leuk gezichtje met stift.

Lijm het stokje tussen de 2 halve wasknijpers of draai er plakband omheen. Kleur met stift alleen de benen of anders het hele lijfje

Draai 1 chenilledraad strak om het bovenlijf en zorg dat je twee armpjes over houdt.Draai handjes zodat straks het stokje erin kan klemmen.

Draai het tweede chenilledraad ook strak om het onderlijf en klem vast.
Lijm het nekje in. Draai een halve chenilledraad als sjaal om het nekje en lijm het kopje erop.

Doe de lijm op stokjes n ook wat lijm aan de voetjes. Zet het poppetje erop.

Nu mist hij alleen nog zijn skistokken. Die maak je van cocktailprikkers.

Prik een papieren rondje aan het uiteinde van de stokjes.

Nu kan je poppetje van de piste af. Op naar een gouden medaille!

Nog 2 leuke knutseltips van Handmade Charlotte:

Gebruik pasta ringetjes of knip (grotere) rietjes in smalle stukjes. Verf ze met acrylverf in de 5 olympische kleuren. Lijm ze eerst aan elkaar, daarna aan een cocktailprikker. Op een gehaktballetje staan ze ook leuk! Bron: Handmade Charlotte

Gebruik metalen schuursponsjes (brons, zilver, goud), pailletten, lint en metallic chenilledraad. Werkwijze: Handmade Charlotte


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Hummus at home
#recipes I will begin by telling you that Hummus is a traditional dish in countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, all claim to be their true cradle what if it is clear is that it is a recipe that is prepared from ancient Egypt, and that is delicious, light, soft and nutritious, and low-calorie cream is recognized throughout the world. - In case they didn't know.. - Hummus is nothing more and nothing less than a delicious chickpea cream very healthy and super easy to make. Hummus is recommended when changing eating habits if you want to lose weight, because it is a good source of protein, contains healthy fats, high levels of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and provides 116 kcal per 100 grams. - What does all this mean? - That its nutritional properties are perfect when it comes to losing weight due to its high amount of fibers, helps to eat less fatty foods, increases satiety and indisputably improves digestion, helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels thanks to its main ingredient that is chickpea and regulates blood sugar levels, and if that were not enough it is antidepressant because it produces serotonin, that is, the hormone of happiness. - So, its benefits when consuming it are: - Promotes weight loss, helps intestinal transit and fights constipation. - Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels. - It is a potent antidepressant. - Enough reasons to introduce it into our food other than it is easy to prepare, low costs and yields a lot. - I prepared one for dinner because we wanted to eat shawarma and since we couldn't get out because he had to make them and for them I needed the hummus or cream of grabanzos so I put to work and they were spectacular. - - Here's the recipe: - HUMMUS - Cooked chickpeas 250 gramsOlive oil 5 tbsp - Chopped garlic 2 units - Tahini or sesame paste 2 tbsp (I prepared it by toasting sesame then processed with a drizzle of olive oil until a pasta was formed) - pepper- cumin- salt c/n - Lemon for its juice 2 Units - In a processor add the cooked chickpeas next to the chopped garlic, salt and cumin seeds until a puree was formed, then I added the tahini and lemon juice, let it incorporate well until it was like a creamy consistency paste once ready place olive oil on top and reserve until dinner time. - Dare to do it looks great. - #recipes
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Spery ice cream and the plum pies
Long ago Snow White's stepmother was still fanatically engaged in her struggle to become the most beautiful in the world. The fairy-tale connoisseurs among us, of course, have long known that this was doomed to failure in advance and the story goes that she put her anger on the magic mirror and which smashed one of the shards pierced her heart. But what many do not know is that the heart of the evil queen was made of stone and the shard pierced only a bag of Heinz, making it look as if Snow White's stepmother bled to death. When the horror woman came to, she reunited her dented ego and glued the shards of the mirror and pronounced a new image of beauty for the whole realm and all the countries around it. Thin and slender was no longer the norm, beauty became dependent on prosperity. Especially a welfare belly became important. The thicker the more beautiful. And in order to have a head start over her subjects, the Queen immediately had a stomach enlargement. She ate up against the cliffs, determined that the next time she asked the mirror, she would be reflected as the most beautiful. Having eaten a baking dish on her own, filled with a preispan prepared with a giant bunch of leeks, two kilos of potatoes and eight ounces of minced meat, richly sprinkled with cheese, she asked the pressing question. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful prosperity belly in this country?' 'You are well on the right track, but don't get the wiser, you are still slimmer than Overvolle Bolle Gijs. Who eats with ease, the same as you, but ends with whipped cream cakes.' Then the Queen dived decisively into her archives and decided to present a spinning wheel (with sleep spell) via bol.com. The not too clever Gijs kicked in the trap with his eyes open, poked himself into a deep sleep. The Queen waited a week for a week, when Gijs would sleep seven days without eating, she had to come out as the most beautiful. “I'm sorry, beautiful fat majesty, but Gijs transcends you in obesity.' What turned out? Gijs suffered from a chronic form of sleepwalking, while sleeping, he ate chocolate and bananas in addition to everything he normally ate, so he only took a bigger lead. Then the Queen came up with a more devious plan. She sent through taarten.nl Gijs a hundred plum tarts. Poor Gijs kicked into the trap again with his eyes open and ate himself at the firm racepoop. Gijs became from overcrowded, to completely hollow. The Welfare queen cast only a questioning glance in the mirror. The mirror answered the look shoulder. For even though Gijs was hollow, he still remained orb and to this day he has always remained Holle Bolle Gijs. And the Queen? He ate the mirror of pure misery and the shards pierced her enlarged stomach. #shortstory